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Assignment task .

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Assignment task .


This workbook entry is based on. You are strongly advised to refer to the required readings for each module, located under the ‘Essential Resources’ folder on vUWS. The readings are also listed in the Learning Guide for your reference.

Students are encouraged to develop a consistent and well-informed argument to address the selected question, to use reflective yet academic literacy when responding to this assessment task. The purpose of this workbook entry is to assist you in progressively developing your understanding of key concepts, ideas and arguments presented in weekly modules and readings and to provide an opportunity for defining and applying these to a range of contemporary issues and debates.


  • Discuss the reasons for and against ranking the aims of punishment. Articulate your preferred position and justify it using well-informed knowledge.


750 words


Essential resources

  • Findlay, M, Odgers, S & Yeo, S 2014, ‘Sentencing’, in M Findlay, S Odgers & S Yeo (eds.), Australian criminal justice, 5th edn, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, pp. 237–280.


  • Findlay, M, Odgers, S & Yeo, S 2014, ‘Punishment and penalty’, in M Findlay, S Odgers & S Yeo (eds.), Australian criminal justice, 5th edn, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, pp. 202–236


Harvard referencing only



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