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As I joined this prestigious school

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As I joined this prestigious school

As I joined this prestigious school am so confident that this is the best thing ever in my life as I will have the opportunity to study in one of the best institutions that will make me develop into a responsible citizen of the global as this is a worldwide school. It has always been my dream to study law in this institution to be the best lawyer in the history of humankind as a young person seeing injustices that take place in our society today with the less fortunate suffering more in the hands of the rich. I develop an interest in doing law so that I can help those who are not able in society by offering free legal services.

Indiana University has offered me a chance to achieved my dream. In this school will attain the required skills through education, Will dedicate my time to study and do a lot of research. With the help of my lecturers, I will succeed in my schooling while at Indiana University.

Education will train for the outside world. By the time I am coming out of this institution will have been impacted by knowledge and life skills that will help me tackle my career and make me the best among others. This school will train me on how to relate with my bosses and fellow staff members for the period I am going to be in.

Indian University will be transformed into a global citizen as it will offer me a chance to meet all kinds of people. While in this school, I would learn different cultures as students are coming from all comers of the world hence allowing mingling with people of different races. These will assist me I knowing different cultures equipping me for my future career.

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