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Beyond Words by Kevin Young

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Beyond Words by Kevin Young

The poem “Beyond Words” by Kevin Young is told from the third-person subjective point of view to allude to the narrators feeling, thoughts, and emotions to the scenario being described. This allows the poem reader/ audience to connect with the poem characters though and action to what they are doing. Since the poem is written in free verses from the begging till the end, it lacks form and meter i.e., and it requires any identifiable, measurable beat established in the way of patterns stressed in syllables. This creates a tragic tone that aligns with the central poem theme of heroism and hardship associated with such an endeavor.  Through the poem, the author used several metaphors and similes to create imagery. He urges his audience to not refrain from staying trail track and face any challenge or danger that might come across their life. The forces associated with incoming trains create imagery and simile of what one has to endure to achieve any positive outcome in their life.

The poem employs the use of figurative language with extensive use of the metaphor “the roof is on fire,” hyperboles “rattling” and personification. The language choice throughout the poem creates different meanings and themes. From the beginning, the poem urges its audience to remain steadfast and face the challenges they are likely to experience throughout their life to emerge victors. Although these challenges may render one powerless and “hungry,” there is no need to “ stop blowing up”  to the pressure. Although the poem is discouraging at the beginning, it ends up creating an encouraging effect toward the end. This indicates shirt in the context, thus creating ambiguity on what really is meant to allude.



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