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                    CHANGING THE INEVITABLE


Many young people in the United States have indulged in the use of drugs. The rise of the users is quite tremendous. Approximately 60%of the youth are on the hook. The number has risen as time goes by. The main contribution of the occurrence is yet unknown, but several measures from different organizations have been placed. The Meth project is one of the superb initiatives.It is focused on various states in helping the youth shun drugs. Montana State is one of the affected areas. There are close to 53% of the child taking Meth in the state. Other states are affected by the drug. They include Wyoming, Idaho, Georgia, and Hawaii. In conjunction with the Montana meth, project campaigns against drugs were done(Murphy, Debra, 227). The Campaigns were intense and categorically targeted young people. The results of the campaign were positive.The private sector affirmed the move, and they received some funds in running the organization.


Norms are sometimes difficult to change. Cultures and addictions also are very unpredictable though they define the way of life. Stun decisions and actions are thus required in changing older habits that one undertakes. When a change is determined to be invented, it can take another step. Despite having many challenges, what decisions one makes has many impacts in the future. Concerning the latter, the Meth project had similar results. The young people in the states have to be assertive in getting an apparent change in implementing the change. Saying no to drugs is not just a statement, but it carries a huge responsibility and has positive results when well executed. Therefore, this essay will discuss a textual analysis of the effectiveness of the campaign in the fight against drug about the Meth Project.

The Meth project advertising campaign is useful because the drug users are depicted as unhygienic and hazardous people in society. Every parent desires his/her child to excel in life and be a noble person. Seemingly, the drug users are portrayed as untrustworthy people in society( Anderson, Mark, and David,1644-1650). In their dirty, ragged clothes in billboards and other advertising platforms, the users are conveyed. A negative attitude is created in repeated viewing of the adverts and having the pictorial behaviors of such people. Eventually, the drug is shunned due to the inappropriate picture painted in the people’s mind. It causes sound effects whereby there is continuous stigmatization of the Meth drug. Misperceptions and myths by the people about the drug are revoked since people can face reality. It becomes a challenge at first, but as time goes by, the response by the more massive crowd is positive. Ultimately the drug usage is reduced, and the effectiveness of the campaign becomes relevant for its purpose.

The Meth Project is a good move and philanthropic to the victims (Helsper, Charles, 117-125). The actions of Methamphetamines addicts are diverse in consideration of the acts that happen among the young people. Low self-esteem and self-hatred come into the affected culprits. Due to the bondage, they feel in themselves, and a pessimistic feeling is in them. In most cases, some of the addicts engage in suicides, but significant changes occur in the intervention of the campaign. Precisely, the changing of self-love is the most crucial thing. Appreciating oneself only comes when positivity is inculcated. The ‘Just Say No to Drugs’ campaign in the Meth project lies in Philanthropy. The support given to the culprit is superb. The individual’s attitude slowly changes and has a good impact. The ‘Yes We Can Move’ is seen to motivate them. Self-acceptance and rejuvenation of their low spirits due to the addiction is changed. In the campaign, multiple people realize their capabilities and the impact of change in them. The love shown by the campaigners towards the respective addicts is gorgeous, eventually, after the successful campaign and persuasion. The addicts make confident decisions, and a positive move of the health issues is gained (Murphy, Debra, 227). Whence, the effectiveness of the Meth project is met.

The Meth project advertising campaign is serviceable since it primarily focuses on enforcement, treatment, and prevention of drug users. In the campaign, in most cases, it is usually an appeal to shun the drugs. However, it is wise to enforce the law to ensure the law is abided to the latter. Most of the people involved in drug usage are teens. They do not make wise decisions and have peer pressure at its optimum. This leads to having many drug users even after the campaign. In the supplement of the campaign enforcing the rules is a pretty good initiative. The ignorant youths can learn much and face reality in understanding the consequence of drug usage. Since many teens believe in the myth that Meth is a ‘party drug’ and it is used in many parties held will lead to diverse effects. The administration in public, such as police officers, should often take the mantle. Some arrogance is lowered by enforcement.

Moreover, in the campaign, rehabilitation centers should be considered. Here treatment takes place Social, physical, financial, and emotional therapy is very vital at this point. When all this happens, it becomes a successful campaign since everyone can shun from the consequence. Eventually, after the success of the two stages, prevention must be adhered to. Even in the understanding that the user has changed, the assertiveness of the decision made is inadequate.


The Meth project advertising campaign is educative to many, especially those under the risk of trying the drugs. Education of the Meth drug’s demerits is critical, especially to the young ones who are at the risk of becoming addicts in the future(Helsper, Charles, 117-125). Comprehensive education starting from middle school is very useful. At a tender age, ads and graphic images showing dislike to the drug are used. In the long run, children have a glimpse of the danger in the future. Some teenagers engage in drug usage due to poor management skills of stress and anxiety. Education on better ways of managing stress and tension is embraced to the teens. Games and sports being a leader in the best way of solving the problem. Precisely when the education is quality and continuous, it has a significant impact. During the brain’s growth, the knowledge taught at the tender age is valid since the child will rarely forget. Therefore, the campaigns and advertisements carried out in the Meth project are very useful in educating the youths and all people at large.

The Meth project advertising campaign is crucial in creating a dialogue between parents and their children about the Meth drug (Anderson, Mark 732-742). Permanent address on the latter in billboards and huge pictorials play a significant step. The parents are challenged on their responsibility. Some youths become drug users because of the massive peer pressure and idleness since their parents are perhaps irresponsible. Virtues are induced at a tender age, and in the influence of campaigns, the children have a positive move in their attitude towards meth shunning. Constant collaboration and understanding the impact of the drug on the user reduces drug usage. Parents and their respective children can bond, and creating an influence becomes a very essay. Constant addressing of the issue without failure will lead to an optimistic move. Conclusively, understanding each other’s way of life and improving parents’ responsibility to their children avoid drug use. All this happens due to the advertising campaign when strategically done.


The effectiveness of the campaign against meth drug is quite essential and productive. It leads to positivity in society. Different virtues are built among the children, and the future becomes is good to be admired and achieved. The campaign is the primary role is reinforcement, treatment, and prevention to improve the optimum win against drug usage. Stigmatization of the drug is a significant aspect that is considered whereby shunning the drug is embraced. Eventually, all activities in the campaign have outstanding impacts in the future and thus making the no drug campaign a successful process.














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