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combined effort in task accomplishment and decision-making increases efficiency and improved outcomes

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combined effort in task accomplishment and decision-making increases efficiency and improved outcomes

Amye Reaves,

I agree that a combined effort in task accomplishment and decision-making increases efficiency and improved outcomes. The team thinking aspect of the health care system improves coordination, interdisciplinary collaboration, and communication skills (Jones, 2006). We should accept that an individual discipline cannot fully provide adequate patient care; hence team approach is necessary for accomplishing organizational goals. We should be ready to address our differences and move towards achieving safe and quality patient outcomes. In team collaboration, we are bound to encounter challenges due to different opinions resulting in conflicts. What determines the outcome is how we view, respond, and solve the conflicts. Sometimes, they are an opportunity to bring people together in decision-making, sharing ideas, and proper definition of an organization’s goals.

Conflict resolution skills are part of a manager’s requirements, and in every department, there are different clinic experts/managers. Involving the team in all aspects of team components is key to avoiding conflicts. This is because goals will be clearly defined, effective communication and smooth flow of activities will be ensured, and lastly, the team goals are fully addressed.


Jones, A. (2006). Multidisciplinary team working: Collaboration and conflict. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing15(1), 19-28. Retrieved from:



Joshua Crist,

Conflicts are common in every health organization. This is based on differing opinions, responsibilities, education levels, and clinical expertise. We are always told that how we settle our differences defines who we are: defines the success of goal achievement. People possess different personalities, cultures, and social backgrounds, which influences their speech, actions, and behavior (Yong, Sauer, & Mannix, 2014). Therefore, putting into consideration people’s differences will enable different disciplines o work together towards the achievement of patient needs. I agree with you that evidence-based approaches in solving procedure and health- opinion conflicts are effective and also educative. This way, conflicts can be utilized as a way of enhancing teamwork and improving communication.

Personal conflicts can be addressed by clearly defining the problem, establishing the causes, and developing an effective solution while involving both parties. Enmity not needed in healthcare as it influences patient outcomes. Nurses who always disagree will not effectively administer care when placed on the same shift. Therefore, it is important to understand people’s behavior, attitude, and culture to improve teamwork in an organization.



Yong, K., Sauer, S. J., & Mannix, E. A. (2014). Conflict and creativity in interdisciplinary teams. Small group research45(3), 266-289. Retrieved from:


Rachel Wire,

Your case touched me and made a deep impression in my heart. Thank you for the effort you are making to address the worldwide pandemic. In this time of crisis, we don’t know what to expect the next day, with health workers at the center of it all. It is what we chose, accepted, and always remember that we are bound to make a change in the lives of others. The uncertainties in our daily practice, lack of direction, and planning results in misunderstanding. If the department one works in changes every day, it will be difficult to integrate teamwork in patient care. Psychological, emotional, and physical preparedness is important in providing safe and quality patient care (Thomas, & Asselin, 2018). Conflicts were bound to arise in your case, lack of cooperation, and not knowing what to do. The way you addressed, it was impressive, and more so, I can’t blame those left due to frustrations. Conflict resolution encourages teamwork and, in turn, improves the outcomes of care.



Thomas, L. J., & Asselin, M. (2018). Promoting resilience among nursing students in clinical education. Nurse Education in Practice, 28, 231-234. Retrieved from:








Luis Pelaez,

Thank you for the informative post. I agree that conflicts are important in an organization. This shows that work is being done, and people are learning. The use of emotional intelligence promotes understanding of other people’s views and fosters empathy (Yong,  Sauer, & Mannix, 2014). When we view an issue from a different perspective and consider various factors, we will be able to understand others’ opinions and interpretations appropriately. Encouraging a platform for discussions and expression of one’s opinions encourages workers to deal with their differences positively. I view conflicts as a manifestation of one’s emotions and disagreement in aspects of care. Maybe one has been doing a task just because they have been allocated to do, and the procedure indicates so. But when they are allowed to express their dissatisfaction, it will immensely improve the outcomes of care. The provision of patient-centered care is the goal of every nurse, physician, and organization. Therefore, it is important to realize that a positive view of conflicts and conflict resolution is a step in attaining patient and organizational goals.


Yong, K., Sauer, S. J., & Mannix, E. A. (2014). Conflict and creativity in interdisciplinary teams. Small group research45(3), 266-289. Retrieved from:








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