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Defining moments and/or noteworthy actions in this person’s path to becoming a leader

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Defining moments and/or noteworthy actions in this person’s path to becoming a leader

Mark Zuckerberg is an Information Technology specialist who was born on May 14th, 1984. Mark showed an interest in computers at a very tender age. As a result, his parents supported his dreams and desires, while Mark was still a kid. Some of the initiatives that Mark’s parents did to improve the life of their kid was hiring a computer for him. Therefore, Mark grew to learn different skills and knowledge relating to computers. Later, Mark began exploring how he can improve the welfare of his family and society with the use of computer knowledge he had acquired. Consequently, at one point, Mark Zuckerberg created a “Zuckunet” for his father’s dentist office at the age of 12. Later, while in high school level, Mark created a program called “Synapse,” which worked like the Pandora. Mark’s greatest breakthrough came when he launched Facebook in his hostel at Harvard University. Today, Mark is one of the greatest philanthropists in the world.

Defining moments and/or noteworthy actions in this person’s path to becoming a leader

Mark Zukerberg is one iconic person that people envy across the globe. Some several moments and instances act as defining moments for Mark Zuckerberg. Typically, nearly every breakthrough for Mark Zuckerberg came with a defining moment. For instance, in 2004, Mark formed and founded Facebook. The site grew and attracted a large membership across the globe. However, in 2006, Yahoo, a search engine-based company, declared its interest in purchasing the newly formed and growing social site at one billion dollars (Tarver, 2020). It was a good deal, and such an amount would have changed the life of a young man, Mark Zuckerberg. However, Mark resolved not to take the amount and opted to continue owning Facebook though its returns were not more. Therefore, Zuckerberg sought to maintain the growth and development of the company relentlessly, something that few people at the age of Mark would do. Hence, this tenacity and persistence also acted another Mark’s defining moment.

Mark Zuckerberg continued pursuing the dream of growing and advancing Facebook with hops that one day his idea will revolutionize the world. However, during this period, especially after the formation of Facebook and declining Yahoo’s offer, the site continued to register minimal returns. As a result, some people, especially workers, began doubting Mark’s dream and hopes for the company. This moment was also defining for Mark Zuckerberg since he could have also given up on his dream and hopes. Nonetheless, Mark chose not to give up and continued working towards the realization of making Facebook great. 2018 presented a defining moment for Mark Zuckerberg when he faced a senate trial (Kang & Roose 2018). During this time, Mark was questioned over a quiz app that was leading to the breaching of privacy law. However, the trail ended when Mark pleaded guilty and asked for an apology.

Mark Zuckerberg’s legacy, the obstacles he faced/overcame, and the trail left behind

Therefore, the formation of Facebook is one of the legacies of Mark Zuckerberg. Mark formed and launched this site in the year 2004, as aforementioned. Today, Facebook is the leading social site that helps people to connect, communicate, and interact in various ways. Besides, Mark is a philanthropist who does a lot of charity works (Tarver, 2020). During calamities like hurricanes, Mark often gives donations to help those who are in problems. The resignation of workers is one of the obstacles that Mark overcame. At one point, especially when people did not believe in Mark’s dream and goals, a significant number of his workers resigned and left work. As a result, Mark felt as if people were moving away from him, a situation that demoralized him, but he overcame. Mark has behind a trail of determination, selflessness, and perseverance, as seen in his characteristics while working for Facebook.

Leadership traits, competencies that make this person a leader as well as Controversies, risks and negative impacts that may exist

From the analysis, Mark seems to be a person who possesses more positive attributes. Decision making capability is one of the leadership of Mark. Mark developed a great social media platform, and his choice was viable. Honesty and integrity are also part of Mark’s leadership traits. All the works of Mark are founded on honesty and integrity. He did not cheat or engage in other undesired behaviors like cheating, especially during his Senate trial (Kang & Roose 2018). Vision and purpose also formed part of Mark’s leadership traits. Mark had a dream of creating a big and transformative social site and purposed to fulfill it. These traits are also part of the competencies of Mark and what made him a leader. Facing Senate on charges of having an app that accesses others’ data is a key controversy Mark faced. People questioned the integrity of his works, but he won. Such a situation was also a risk to Mark since he stood a chance of losing people’s faith in his works. Also, countries like China that do not use Facebook impact Mark’s works negatively.

Lessons to be learned from this leader

Therefore, there are several lessons one can learn from the works and life of Mark Zuckerberg. One of the lessons is that people will not always believe or support a person, but it is essential to continue soldering on. Mark’s employees, especially those who did not believe and support him resigned and left work. However, Mark did not relent in his efforts to do his works and attain his dream. Another lesson learned from this leader is that parents, guardians, and other caregivers play a crucial role in shaping the lives of their children. Mark’s parents helped

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