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Drones in advancements in technology

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Drones in advancements in technology

Advancements in technology have seen humankind invent and innovate in many things to help make their life easier and more exciting each day. Making electronic equipment such as mobile devices is one of the greatest human inventions as these devices allow them to communicate over longer distances. Innovations in the world of photography have seen a man make cameras that enable them to take pictures and record live videos for which they use in making films or documentaries about themselves. They have further advanced to make flying objects such as drones in which they fit cameras on them to allow them to take aerial photos and pictures above the ground. This invention makes it easy for them to take pictures and videos over more extensive areas, which would not be possible with the use of handheld devices.


Goldstone h160 pro is a foldable drone that is fitted with a 1080 HD camera on it to allow it to take videos and pictures above ground. The camera mounted on this drone is a full angle camera that can take pictures up to 110 degrees wide and captures a higher resolution of photos and videos. This camera allows the user to see what the drone sees as they can monitor it through their smartphones through a live feed transmitted to it. The camera on this drone has a higher resolution, which makes it perfect for outdoor and indoor flying filming. It has a great design, which makes it light in weight, easy to carry, and comes with two batteries to help fly this drone. The batteries provide energy that can fly this drone for longer distances, and its weight ensures that it utilizes less power hence perfect for use.

This drone comes with an intelligent camera that has gesture detection features, which allows the user to raise their hands in a V manner, and the camera takes selfie videos and photos. Control of this drone is easy as the user can draw a path on their smartphones, and the drone will follow that path, which makes it fun and exciting to use. It is user friendly and has multiple functions and altitude to hold, has optical flow, and a headless mode. The drone has many controls ranging from the landing gear and speeds adjustments, which makes it easier to control. User can control it using their voice, or by using the smartphone by either tilting, it vertically or horizontally, which make sit fun to use.

Users can fold this drone and pack it in their bags, which makes it easy to carry around and transport it. Its foldable feature allows it to fit in small carriage bags and makes it suitable for long-distance traveling as it also has a little weight. This product is natural to assemble when the user wants to insert batteries and unfold it for filming. It provides stable filming, and the videos shy by this drone are of the highest quality to reduce shaking. The drone also comes with an easier to follow and use manual; all the steps for using this drone are in simple language that makes it easier for use by anyone. Flying is more natural as it comes with two controllers, the smartphone and the console pad, which all provide controlling features.


Kids are the perfect audience for the use of this drone as they can use it to film themselves while at home and learn to make short films. It is also a perfect gadget for adults in th film industry as they can use this device to take selfies, record themselves either for fun or professionally. This product can shoot music videos for those musicians that love the aerial view, and since it is of high quality, it makes its effect on this use. It can serve as an excellent tool for aerial surveillance, and people can use it to surveil on their premises and to check whether everything is ok as it can reach greater lengths and take pictures. This product is a good purchase as it is affordable on online platforms, and anyone can purchase it and have it delivered to them.


Drones provide a simple and great way for people to take aerial photos and videos using cameras attached to them. Their use is extensive as many industries, such as the film, always use them for aerial shoots. The functionality of this drone fitted with a camera makes it the right product for many people that love to take videos and pictures above ground.

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