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Employee and moral rights

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Employee and moral rights


Right is an entitlement to a person, either morally or legally, to possess or do something (Makov, 2019). As such, nobody has a rule over the things for the privilege is solely owned and are lawfully recognized. Moral right is an entitlement based on justifications to assert the holder’s due claim. They can be personalized or group-wise applied. The rights of an employee refer to the manner in which the employee is taken or treated by the employer on the basis of law, being fairly treated in morally acceptable ways (William,2016). This covers the well-being, health, and how safe the worker is in the workplace.

Employee and moral rights

Workers in any organization or company deserve privacy rights such that the most endangered information is safeguarded. In essence, due to technology employee’s data, both physical and psychological have been made vulnerable, which is contrary. Employees also deserve a right to conscience such that whatever they are not comfortable with is at will to shout it out without being victimized of the same (Arnold, 2007).

The limits and mobility determining the scope of the employee ought to be standardized with consent giving them an opportunity of consent and common reasoning. This is in efforts to make them feel accommodated and enhance democracy. The welfare of the employees, in extension to their family, is key for better results to be realized. The bond has to be created to enhance dedication and readiness to sacrifice. This calls for packages like retirements, over time, severance pay and health covers, to mention but a few.



Prioritizing the welfare of the employees is paramount to ensuring the success of any organization. This goes consistent with the moral rights aspect of the employees (Velasquez,2009). This is because since they offer services to the company, their well-being is a right and not a favour.

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