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Greenpeace Australia is a leading independent campaigning organization

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Greenpeace Australia is a leading independent campaigning organization

Greenpeace Australia is a leading independent campaigning organization that focuses on the use of the peaceful protest as well as the creation of confrontation for the sake of exposing the environmental problems and ensure the promotion of the sustainable solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future. The organization is concentrating on the use of Facebook as the ideal social media platform where it has a page that is meant to reach out to the members of the public. A study undertaken by Stutzman, Gross & Acquisti (2012), had already indicated that Facebook is a popular social media platform. The current audience of the organization is the baby boomers. These are individuals from a generation that is concerned with environmental management, where they place more emphasis on the measures that government both at the national and local levels as well as the private sector are formulating and implementing as a way of protecting the environment (Skillington, 2019).

The prospective audience, in this case, is the millennials. These are the individuals that Corcoran, Weakland & Wals (2017) believe are committed to facilitating the implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) that include equality, climate change, and prosperity, among many others. Greenpeace Australia is determined to ensure that the structure and delivery of the messages suit such individuals at any given moment.

The ideal interaction framework that Greenpeace Australia has perfected is the use of social media platforms. There is the Facebook page that the organization is using to interact with the current audience of the baby boomers and the millennials who are the potential ones through regular updates on what is transpiring from the environmental sustainability points of view. Research undertaken by Gillespie (2017), indicates that Facebook has remained a popular social media platform that is currently taking the leading position despite the few concerns that have been raised in recent times. This is a justification for the continued usage of this platform by Greenpeace Australia.

The organization is dealing with the collection and dissemination of information that is concerned with exposing the environmental problems and, at the same time, focusing on the prospect of promoting solutions. The mature adults in the Australian society are thus given the opportunity to understand the problems that are currently being witnessed and also helped to understand how various solution proposals can be useful in facilitating environmental management and sustainability moving forward.

Greenpeace Australia has been in existence since 1971, having been formed by a group of thoughtful and committed citizens who were concerned about the environmental sustainability aspects in the wider society. It is an organization that has been ensuring that it reaches out to the adult population for the sake of sensitizing them on what is transpiring from the environmental perspective. To facilitate and sustain its operations, the organization has been reaching out to individual and organizational donors from both the private and public sectors.

Content Audit

Greenpeace Australia is an organization that is always determined to point out the problems and shortcomings of various activities that have catastrophic effects on the environment. On April 8, 2020, the organization managed to post on the toxic air pollution situation on its Facebook Page. It was reported that the country’s oldest and dirtiest power station after Liddell, Vales Point has managed to record what was portrayed as an alarming three-fold increase in toxic air pollution. The post was meant to pressurize the EPA to act on the advice of the various distinguished health experts for the sake of protecting the health of Greater Sydney as well as the Central Coat Communities within New South Wales, Australia.

The information in that Facebook post is already available to the current audience that comprises of the adults that are almost retiring and the retirees as well as the prospective audience that comprises of the millennials. The message therein is connected to the other contents that Greenpeace Australia has been sending out to the target audience over the years because it is concerned with environmental management and sustainability. It is an organization that is concerned with the identification of environmental problems and ensure that possible solutions are explored and posted as well.

The point of concern by the organization is that the levels of air pollution have tripled, and the responsible entity has admitted that indeed it has failed to lower the cases of pollution at the power station. It is a situation that is being witnessed when the law is very clear that any company that is unable to keep its equipment maintained and not violate the pollution limit will have its license revoked. It will be noted that various search engines can be used to find the content in question. The post has been facilitated in such a way that is meant to exploit the social ties that are part of the evolutions of the online worlds as indicated by Shen, Monge & Williams (2014) in such a way that enables the audience to access the information quite easily over the internet for the sake of facilitating the intended reactions.

The content has been organized, structured and presented in such a way that is intended for the society members notably the millennials and the older generations to sign up for the campaign whose objective is to compel Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to prioritize the health of the local communities by prosecuting the responsible individuals and organizations and also ensure that they are forced to adopt the best practice pollution controls. The purpose of the digital media campaign covered on the Facebook page and also on the organizations’ website is to ensure that EPA takes action on the management and the entire power station after Liddell, Vales Point that is polluting air within New South Wales where various communities are affected at the moment. n after Liddell, Vales Point

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