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Hofstede’s Dimensional cultural Model

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Hofstede’s Dimensional cultural Model

Hofstede’s Dimensional cultural Model provides a comparison and similarity based on the various dimensions and presents entire cultural difference among both the countries in synchronized process. It can be definite that development of this model creates suitable process for managing implications and monitoring autobiography results based on the factors present in dimension. The utilization of model provides wide range of benefits and manages to handle difficulty in handling difficult situations in the cultural boundaries between the countries. There is formulation of various scores based on the differences and similarities in the scores developed for both countries results are observed in the autobiography. It can be analyzed that this model is useful in managing wide range of cultural differences among one another and present the findings in the autobiography based on the results.

Furthermore, it can be depicted from the above results obtained from the frameworks obtained from both the countries that both countries have similar scores in most of the dimensions in the framework. It provides direct support on the observational techniques for developing similarities based on the cultural origin of India and U.S.A. In addition, there is extra preference for managing long- term communication for managing strong intercultural bonding among the people. The depiction of similarities for my colleague belonging to diverse cultures and me creates sense of belongings among one another. In my autobiography, I have focused on availing appropriate measures for developing more innovative procedures for developing long- term success and reduce any weakness in the existing methods. The increase in the influencing factors present in the dimensions improves wide range of opportunities for marinating intercultural communication among the respective nations.

The interpretation of differences in results shows that there is more preference by Indian families for staying together and achieve desired objectives in life. It states that there is creation of suitable influence for establishing strong relationships among one another in the family in the Indian culture. However, the development of high score by U.S.A shows that there is less time spent on managing relationships with the family members and encourages managing independent life. It can be depicted from the results depicted from me and my friend’s autobiography in the interview part and present it a suitable process. Most of the families belonging to the Indian culture maintain social identity by managing long- term relationships with one another in the family.

In India, most people devotes large amount of time for developing faith in religious practices and adds to the rich heritage and culture. It can be evaluated from my interpretations in the autobiography that there is strong emphasis for conducting more methods for marinating appropriate belief about devoting more time for religious rituals. However, the low score for U.S.A shows there is no belief on conduction of religious practices and develop more time for managing hard work for achieving success in the future life. It creates suitable evaluation of the overall differences in this particular score for the dimension in respective for the nations.

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