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Secondly, Toronto should consider the Housing First program, which involves the provision of permanent, private housing units to qualifying individuals. The Housing First program can produce housing for homeless persons with serious mental illnesses (Aquin et al., 2017). However, Housing First does not cater to the episodically homeless people. Therefore, City officials should also cater to episodically homeless individuals to shorten their dependence on social assistance. The provision of affordable housing will prevent exposing such individuals from environments that prolong their homelessness. City officials should ensure at-risk individuals are stably housed and given opportunities to lead engaged and productive lives. Other support programs that can alleviate Toronto’s homeless crisis include increased social assistance, provision of affordable housing, provision of subsidized housing, and assisting migrants with settlement and immigration issues (Gaetz, 2010). Finally, Gaetz et al. (2016) assert that addressing homelessness requires recommendations that are specific to each priority population. For instance, youth homelessness is a critical priority that can be resolved through programs such as Housing First for Youth. Secondly, Gaetz (2010) suggests that emergency shelters should be tailored to…

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