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How World War I Influenced Culture

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How World War I Influenced Culture

World war I stimulated varied thoughts and emotions, which became significant in the later ages. It led to the loss of lives of many soldiers prompting countries to conscript more men, thus changing the role of women in society.


Before the war, women’s responsibilities were customized to the house while roles which required skills were reserved for men. However, during the war, laws were passed to improve the position of women. They were entitled to rights over children and property. They pursued higher education, and as a result, a higher percentage of workers in weapon factories during the war were women.


As they gained more economic and political liberty, they began expressing freewill in their attire. The women’s dressing became shorter and simpler topped with cosmetics and styled ha a fashion revolution. War-inspired literature and art thrived as some citizens celebrated the idea of battle. Films and movies of war boomed in some parts of Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union among other countries.

It came as a threat to the men in the skilled jobs before an agreement was made that women would only train for semi-skilled jobs in Britain. After the war, several plants shut down, causing unemployment, and some women resume their roles in their households. However, this experience later set a track for the women empowerment campaigns.


In the early stages of the battle, the military mainly constituted men who volunteered to fight. Due to high casualties and death, there was massive recruitment of young and single men. It started political debates as people opposed to the move argued that the state was using its power at the expense of the lives and will of her citizens. Married and older men were later required to join the war. Most of them who rebelled got charged in courts and others imprisoned. After the war, many families rejected them, and employers declined to hire them.


In Britain, the Defense of the Realm Act, which allowed the government to do almost everything at its means to support its quest and protect citizens, was passed. It prohibited civil actions that caused disruption in production, extended the work schedule, reduced the hours of entertainment, and slashed the wages to increase productivity while limiting expenses. The government regulated the press and illegalized the propaganda about the military in public, among other stringent measures. Citizens who had accepted the laws soon began disagreeing with the government on how their fundamental freedoms were restricted.


Demand for workers at the production sites caused an increase in demand for housing, consequently increasing rent and food prices. A group of women movement organized a strike to address the rent and wage issues. The government responded by standardizing rates.


During the war, several families lost their members, causing grief. It also brought a lot of suffering among the survivors, especially those who looked up to the deceased. Communities set up memorials and days to remember the dead. The culture of holding a moment of silence evolved from this battle. Some were injured and paralyzed and could no longer perform jobs leading to reduced income, thus overdependence on the working population. Several others suffered posttraumatic stress disorder.

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