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human life is valuable

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human life is valuable


Everyone believes and understands in their capacities that human life is valuable. Even the worst of murderers, some groups of philosophers think that they should not be denied the life to live. Some believe that the value of a life of an offender cannot be terminated because of his or her immoral actions and regardless of if they have murdered someone. A subgroup of individuals also justify the act of the death penalty and are in favor of capital punishment to offenders.

Well, all said and done, the death penalty is aimed at offenders, yes, offenders of different crimes. The worst that could ever happen is committing capital punishment to an innocent person. Capital punishment, therefore, acts to legitimize an action that is irreversible and which claims innocent lives inevitably. The risk of claiming innocent lives can never be alleviated as long as the justice system for the humans still remains fallible.

The number of criminals in the country and even globally is overwhelming with acts of violence, ranging from murder to robbery with violence. The death penalty does not apply to all of the offenders of these crimes. Only a handful of criminals would face such execution through retribution. What happens to the other criminals who are left to live, and in fact, out of which most of them are murdered. It means that the justice system has flaws that should be addressed.    The act of killing only a handful is unfair for as much as human life is concerned.

Another proof that the justice system is unfair with regard to the death penalty is that the offenders do not get what they deserve. An offender who caused murder is executed along with offenders who caused other minor crimes. It is, therefore, unfair to combine all the crimes in one basket.

The use of the closure concept in a legal system is the way to go for the government in providing consolation to the victims of crime in the country. The legal system set by the government has to embrace different ways to help survivors of murder and victims of other crimes attain closure.

The government ought to provide a database that will offer a platform in which the victims will share their ordeal. Sharing or rather speaking about the ordeal for the victims on this platform will enhance their recovery from the claws of the memories of such situations. Studies show that the best way to recover fast from disturbing memories of crimes is actually to talk about it. The platform is one way to facilitate the closure for such victims.

The government needs to provide an exception to the Act of Justice for all in a manner to allow the victims to be heard reasonably in all public settings proceeding in relation to the sentence. The sentence to be given by the jurors is to be based on the testimony of the victims and provided in a sense to satisfy the victims, especially in the mass killings crimes.

It is the government’s responsibility to come up with programs to support the victims of crime. The program will serve to address the nature of victimization in society today. Such programs include prevention programs that are based on short end solutions with impacts that last long. The programs will bring together the non-governmental organizations, the government itself, and intergovernmental institutions.







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