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Lack of an influential culture of ethics is one reason that can make employees less interested in meetings.

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Lack of an influential culture of ethics is one reason that can make employees less interested in meetings.

Question 1

for any organization to be successful, there has to be a culture that is based on a set of beliefs supported by the organization structure. When an organization achieves an influential culture, some good things automatically happen, for example, employees are able to understand how the management wants them to behave, they believe that the behavior expected is the right behavior. They also appreciate the advantages that come with following the culture. For an organization’s culture to influence the company’s overall performance, the culture must provide beliefs that must be firmly upheld and followed. Lack of an influential culture of ethics is one reason that can make employees less interested in meetings.

question 2

Some of the challenges Tim is facing while executing this project are, LackLack of motivation for his employees. The employees are less motivated about work, and they look forward to going home after working hours are over. Less productivity among the employees, Lack of effective communication between the manager and the employees, his age is also a barrier to his work because he is a new young boss. In contrast, the employees are slightly older than him. Tim is also finding it hard to change the job descriptions at his workplace. It is hard to convince the employees to adapt to a culture they are not used to.

“Question 3

Tim should strive to create a good partnership with each employee in the organization. Considering he is the new manager, he should try his best to know every employee personally, and show them how he can help them achieve their goals and how he will help them grow. He should also adopt a new culture of awarding well-deserving employees. Through this strategy, he will be able to motivate good performers to work harder and encourage low performers to do better at their work. Also, involving all the employees in decision making plays a vital role. If he wants to make changes in their schedules, he should discuss it first with the employees. It motivates them because they feel important in the organization.

Question 4

Work-Life balance is the equality between other life roles and work. It is a state that requires people to balance work, as well as personal life and family life. Maintaining a work-life balance is essential for employee’s health, and it also improves employee’s productivity in their areas of work. Organizations that encourage work-life balance record better employee productivity because there are fewer health problems and sick offs. When organizations focus on a healthy work-life balance, they create a type of environment where every employee is dedicated to their work. The result is improved productivity rates and reduced retention rates.



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