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Literacy: Are Today’s Youth Digital Natives

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Literacy: Are Today’s Youth Digital Natives?”

RWS 100 MWF —Sherman

Developed Writing Project 2: (200 points)

Considering the author’s argument and world view


Project Deadlines 

10/30 & 11/1      Bring five (5) copies of a complete draft-in-process to class

11/6                       Bring draft to class

11/8                       Due: Developed Writing Project #2 (5-6 pages, typed, double-spaced [pages numbered]) Uploaded to Turnitin by 11:59 PM.


Audience: A class much like this one and a teacher much like me – they have read Boyd, but they haven’t thought about the assumptions—values and beliefs—that inform her argument.



While Thompson claims digital technologies are improving youth literacy, Boyd (“Literacy: Are Today’s Youth Digital Natives?”) is more skeptical. She claims most young people lack critical digital literacy skills and she challenges influential definitions of digital literacy.   This assignment builds on your previous paper by asking that in addition to considering how Boyd supports her claims, you also think about the values and beliefs that inform her reasoning.


For this project you have two major tasks:

  1. Analyze Boyd’s overall claim and subclaims focusing particularly on her reasoning.


  1. Consider her argument in light of her values. What are the assumptions she makes about what she views as important for society?


  1. Your concluding paragraphs should address both your evaluation of Boyd’s argument and your own response to the issue. This may include positioning your own values and comparing them to Boyd, but it does not have to.


The evaluation rubric will be posted to Blackboard.


Successful papers will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Evaluate arguments and their evidence through a process of critical inquiry.
  • Compose a variety of texts, employing flexible composing strategies and processes for invention, structure, drafting, reflection, collaboration, feedback, revision, and editing.
  • Apply conventions of academic writing, including genre choices, grammar, spelling, mechanics, and citation practices.





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