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Michiel Mol: Why he Might Spend the Rest of His Life in Prison

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Michiel Mol: Why he Might Spend the Rest of His Life in Prison

Michiel Mol was born on 4th August 1969 in the Netherlands. After education, his first career was the Lost Boys, a firm he established with his friends. The firm developed games for CD-I players before Sony acquired it. That was some years before Mol’s big scam case with Scape Expedition Corporation Company.

<H2>Early Life and Career</H2>

After education, Michiel Mol has worked in various companies, but most of them were operating illegally. He was the Chief Executive Officer of SXC, a company that has the aim to sell travel tickets to individuals who would never go to space because of his scams. In 2020, the company started to sell space travel tickets before it went bankrupt in 2017. The 282 tickets sold weren’t refunded to any of the deceived clients who decided to take Mol to court.


Most businesspersons love to hype any new brands they have established. It is simply something they like to do. Many people will never know if it is for real or meant to steal from innocent individuals. But there are some signs and indicators from which you can tell. An experienced scammer will never allow people to know the truth until they’re tricked into giving their cash for something that is not true. Michiel Mol is one of the most experienced scammers, and he has to prove that he is not a scammer in court. Since he is not a straightforward individual, people don’t trust any brands that bear Michiel Mol’s name.




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