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Negative effects of Social Media.

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Negative effects of Social Media.

Social media is a platform where different people with a common interest come together to interact. In the 21st century, almost everything is going digital. Therefore, making the use of social medial so popular in all sectors. Social media has no discrimination as it accommodates everyone no matter the age or race. This paper will expound more on the negative effects of social media in our day to day life.

If we focus on the education sector, it has been greatly influenced by the use of social networks. Whereby, most students especially in higher learning institutions, have embraced its use through the help of phones and computers. In many cases, the students use their gadgets on checking how their friends are faring rather than using it for more useful and educative information. This behavior causes a lot of distraction in their studies leading to poor performances (Abdulahi, Samadi, & Gharleghi, 2014). Students also use these online platforms to do their assignments. Although this seems positive, it is negative in a huge way because they lose their concentration during study time as they know they will get answers easily on social media.

In the same way, the business world has also been afflicted in a great way. According to (Siddiqui, & Singh, 2016) hackers are all over trying to tarnish business images; it is so easy for a business to collapse due to bad image portrayed. Hackers will create a page that looks exactly like yours and post anything they want just to put you in shame. In some instances, they con you your hard-earned money pretending to be customer care personnel of your bank where you fall a victim and leave you bankrupt.  There is also a team of people who exploit social media using counterfeit products. Some counterfeits goods lead to a health problem, especially when consumed as they are not good for heath consumption while others lead to business failure.  It is also very expensive to market your business on social networks as advertising cost a lot of money of and you have to hire professional for your work to be outstanding as the competition is also very high (Siddiqui, & Singh, 2016).

Most people in our families today lack bonding time as most of it is spent on media platforms. The young ones want to watch their favorite programs throughout the day to a point of failing to do their duties. This causes conflict between children-parent relationships as one party feels demeaned. When conflict arises between the two parties; harmony, peace, love, and unity tend to lack in that home. And when a family is not bound together by these values it fails.  The peers, on the other hand, spend most of their time video gaming, chatting, twitting among others. This increases peer pressure among them creating a gap between the rich and the poor. This also leads to teenage theft, as not every youth can afford money for such stuff (Akram, & Kumar, 2017). In case of theft, it results in major problems as it can also cause death.

People’s health in the same case has been an influence as the use of computers and phones lead to eyestrain. This is as a result of too much light on those gadgets used for a long time. If this light is not prevented by the use of anti-glare lenses, it can cause retina damage.

I would conclude that, if the use of social media is not controlled in the near future, a lot of problems will be incurred by us and generations to come. As we have seen in order to use social media platforms effectively, one has to be financially stable as most platforms are internet-based, and also a good source of power is required.





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