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Part B: Risk management decisions

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Part B: Risk management decisions

  • In the first scenario, the risk management issue presented is privacy management and information security-the the patients’ insurance and payment method details are openly given to the physician and hats why he decides not to show up. It shows that the patient’s data is not private anymore. While in the second scenario, compliance lapse is a risk management issue presented the. Noncompliance in healthcare facilities is at a higher risk since today’s healthcare regulatory environment is very complicated. The patient here wouldn’t follow the regulations set and keeps getting out of bed without her call light and eventually falls off.
  • In resolving the issue of the first scenario, I suggest keeping the patient’s information private to allow the patient to get a proper healthcare service and talk about the payment method later. Physicians should also always put a patient’s health and needs first. In the second scenario, there is a need to make everyone in the healthcare facility about the regulations set to be followed and the consequences of not following them.
  • In keeping the patient’s personal information private, some challenges would occur as the physician would sometime find themselves treating patients without getting paid since the patient’s insurance is not functional, or the payment methods might not be acceptable by the facility.


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