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Personal SWOT and Goal Exercise

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Personal SWOT and Goal Exercise

Question 1: SWOT Analysis

Strengths. My main advantages include collaborative skills, conscientiousness, friendly, and self-reliant.

  1. Collaborative skills – I have a unique ability to work with colleagues to achieve a common goal. I have a strong belief that people can make more when they come together with a common goal. This personal trait will be useful in my place of work since it will allow me to bring a colleague together to execute essential goals. In this case, I will succeed in identifying the most skilled people to complete a specific task. The strategy will promote productivity among the employees.
  2. Conscientiousness – I always take time to think before making a decision. This skill allows me to consider available and viable options to solve a specific problem. In the workplace, the strength will enable me to make the right choices at all times.

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  3. Friendly – I always avoid conflict at all costs. For instance, I tend to look for possible ways that I can use to solve the problem without causing conflict with other people. This trait will be useful in the workplace since I will help to solve most of the disputes that may arise.
  4. Self-reliant – I can handling essential tasks independently. This strength will ensure that I work under minimum supervision, which will be crucial in executing my daily duties at the workplace. This trait will allow me to minimize all forms of distractions that may lower my productivity.

Weakness. My main weaknesses include less practical communication skills, not open to experiences, and calmness at all times

  1. Communication – I tend to remain calm all times without talking a lot to people. This weakness hinders me from sharing ideas with other people or learning new concepts. In practice, this trait will impede my ability to establish productive relationships in the workplace.
  2. Inflexibility – I am a practical person who knows my plans and tends to focus on possible ways to solve the current challenges. In this case, I am not flexible to changes. This trait prevents me from embracing ideas that might enhance my plans and improve the expected outcomes.
  3. Natural Reactions – I usually focus on executing my duties and disregard taking any free time. This strategy hinders my ability to receive free time to relax and have fun. This weakness may lead to burnout if I work in a demanding environment.

Opportunity. My core opportunities in the workplace include leadership, influencing, and communication.

  1. Leadership – my diligence will enable me to take a leadership role in the workplace. As a leader, I will assist the organization in making the right decisions at all times. Thus strength will allow me to collaborate with other employees in finding suitable solutions to problems that may lower the level of productivity in the workplace.
  2. Influencing – my collaborative skills will enable me to become an influencer in my workplace. I can take advantage of this strength to influence my employees and colleagues to embrace changes that can enhance productivity.
  3. Communication – I have an opportunity to improve my communication skills. In this case, I will focus on strengthening my abilities to socialize and connect with my colleagues. Enhancing communication skills will improve my productivity in collaborative activities.

Threat. The significant dangers that I may pose to the organization will arise from my leadership skills, self-reliant character, and collaborative skills.

  1. Leadership skills – I tend to take leadership when I want people to complete a task fast. This trait implies that I may develop laxity when executing less urgent tasks, which may lower the level of throughput in the workforce.
  2. Self-reliant character – my tendency to work independently may hinder other employees from being friendly to me. In this case, other employees may fail to share their thoughts on possible solutions and workable ideas that may promote productivity in the workplace.
  3. Collaborative skills – I tend to use advanced Jungian typology to improve collaboration and become a better leader. In this case, I tend to classify people of different traits. The approach may hinder my ability to allow members of staff with various weaknesses to improve. Judging people may lower their productivity.

Question 2

I intend to establish a firm that installs solar water heaters in homes. The company will introduce a solar water heater to one-hundred homes in the next twelve months. The strategy will ensure that one hundred households have a constant supply of warm water.

Question 3

Installing solar water heaters will help to reduce the amount of electricity that people use to heat water in their homes. Achieving this goal will allow me to realize my dream of reducing carbon emission through the enhanced use of renewable energy sources. Besides, the target will allow me to promote sustainability by ensuring that people from rural areas access cheap and reliable sources of energy.

Question 4

A review of the initial business objective will help me to know if I have achieved the core business goal. For instance, I will examine the number of solar water heaters the company installed successfully within the first two years.

Question 5

The three methods that I would achieve the business goal are:

  • Strategic planning
  • Pareto principle
  • Agile project management

Question 6

The most effective way to manage the project is strategic management method. I will follow the following steps:

  • Clarifying the vision of promoting sustainability – this step will involve identifying short- and long-term goals, pinpointing the strategy to achieve the goals, identify the duties of every employee.
  • Gather and analyze market-related information, which will enhance my ability to understand the needs of the business.
  • Formulating a strategy based on the market information gained in the previous section. This step involved identifying available resources that can help to run the business.
  • Implementation of the procedure, which consists in executing the set objectives. Every employee should implement their duties and responsibilities.
  • Evaluation and control, which includes measurement of the intended performance and consistent review of internal and external issues.

Question 7

Number of words in this assignment – 1023 words

Question 8

My favorite job was a personality test. This task allowed me to evaluate my traits and abilities useful for my career. The least effective appointment was the “Personal SWOT and Goal Exercise” because it revealed the negative impacts that my character may have on an organization.


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