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preventive measures that can help in controlling FAS

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  1. preventive measures that can help in controlling FAS
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            During pregnancy, women who drink alcohol are said to give birth to children who have fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. When pregnant women consume alcohol, it can easily pass across the placenta and to the fetus. Therefore, the alcohol is concentrated in the fetus and it affects the fetus by preventing enough nutrition and oxygen from getting to the fetus vital organs. Symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome disorders (FASD) includes hyperactivity, poor coordination, lack of focus, a small head, below average ridge between upper lip and nose as well as learning disabilities. There are several preventive measures that can help in controlling FAS. One of the prevention strategy to the disease include engaging in education regarding FAS as well as the adverse effects of alcohol.

The other strategy is to ask women regarding their alcohol use so that suitable advice can be offered. The other prevention measure is to counsel pregnant women who are using alcohol and to explain to them the effects of alcohol on the fetus and their own health. Additionally, referring women who are using alcohol for suitable treatment that fits their needs. Counselling associated with reduction or stopping alcohol during pregnancy is also another effective measure.

Solvent abuse syndrome (SAS) also known as inhalant abuse is a disorders that stems from substance abuse among pregnant women and other individuals in a society. Because inhalants that are abused by pregnant women are found in common household products and relatively inexpensive, such substances are accessible to pregnant women and as such, they tend to misuse such products. Disorders related to inhalant abuse occur with alarming frequency especially among pregnant women and thus, confronting such issues is essential in reducing impacts of such disorders.


One of the preventive measures of controlling such problems include counselling women who are already consuming different types of inhalants found in diverse products. The other step involves demonstrating the use of safe medicine as well as household products so that pregnant women will not end up abusing some of the products. The other prevention measure is to advise pregnant women to keep track of products that contain inhalants in their homes. Keeping track of inhalants is purposeful in monitoring the most consumed products and thus, affected individuals can reduce consumption of such products. During prenatal are, women should be educated on the impacts of inhalants abuse so that they can avoid over using certain products that could cause harm to their unborn babies.

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            Many elders struggle with the decision to either remain at home or move to alternative locations where they can receive long term care. Consequently, a person’s location influences health and well-being. In the recent society, a large section of individuals have considered the location of care for the elderly because it directly impacts their health.

When people move out of their homes and go to other locations to seek long term care, they endure, many challenges that impact their well-being. One of the major challenge includes depression. Moving in a new location is never an easy task and thus, people fail to connect to other people around them. Failure to establish connections with people in a new location breeds depression, a major factor that deteriorates people’s mental health. Impacts on a person’s mental health are crucial because they can result to long term effects on the cognitive system.




Moving to newer locations brings unhappiness. The major reason why people become unhappy when relocating to a new place is because the process stresses someone and thus, it contributes to psychosocial stress. Psychosocial stress contributes to severe impacts on the mental health. The other effects associated with elder people relocating to new homes includes personality change. Some of the changes include anxiety and extroversion. Anxiety and extroversion affect a person’s life in many ways. Therefore, elderly adults might end up developing certain behaviors that can change their harm their lives in many ways.

Moving to elder homes is crucial in people’s lives because it can affect a person’s life by denying them chances to interact with their friends. Friends are essential in a person’s life. For older people, friends are significant as they allow them to avoid lonely feelings that can impact their mental health. However, when elder people move to more aged homes for long term care, they are advised to develop inspiring relationships that help them feel fulfilled and inspired. The development of new friendships in new locations also redefines a person’s identity and can help older people live longer.

The other effect of moving to a new location for older adults includes rediscovery. When older people move to elderly homes, they can realize fresh starts, and such aspects come with multiple benefits. The people that individuals meet can allow a person to become well, and as a result of that, they improve their health and well-being in general. In instances when people meet negative persons, then their health can be impacted negatively. Embracing the changes that come along with moving to other communities should be taken positively. Maintaining a positive attitude and taking advantage of the opportunities presented is crucial for improving a person’s well-being.

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