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Principles of Psychology

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Principles of Psychology

  1. Confirmation bias.
  2. Sternberg’s Triarchic intelligence theory: Sternberg formulated this theory in the 1980s. It tries to understand human intelligence based on distinct components rather than ability. The theory classifies intelligence as:
    1. Practical Intelligence. This is the capacity to adapt to new environments or change to suit personal needs.
    2. Creative Intelligence. This is the capacity to develop new ideas and solutions when handling new problems.
    3. Analytical Intelligence. This involves excellent problem-solving skills due to a high IQ and application of abstract thinking.
  3. Emotional intelligence
  4. Cognitive ethology
  5. Subconscious
  6. Mental set
  7. There are different forms of intelligence that include:
  8. Linguistic intelligence. This is the ability of an individual to have an excellent ability to express themselves both in writing or verbally. It is associated with a strong ability to understand other people’s viewpoints.
  9. Logic Intelligence. This is the ability to use reason and logic easily. Individuals with this insight have quick insights, which aids them in solving complex problems alongside the ability to breakdown the problem to smaller tasks that are easier to solve.
  10. Musical intelligence. This involves understanding and appreciating rhythm, tone, and pitch and may involve playing musical instruments.
  11. Kinesthetic intelligence. This refers to the capacity to use the body with excellent precision to perform various tasks and exercises.
  12. Spatial intelligence. This is defined as the ability to understand the relationship between various objects and how they move in space.
  13. Interpersonal intelligence. This is defined as the capacity to be understanding and sensitive to the emotional conditions of others.
  14. Intrapersonal intelligence. It is defined as the ability to access personal feelings and motivation and employ them to influence behavior and attain personal goals.
  15. Naturalist intelligence. This can be defined as the capacity to appreciate nature and interacting with species in it.
  16. Humans are the only species that evolved with the natural ability to express and comprehend an infinite number of novel utterances.
  17. True
  18. True

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