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Reducing Carbon Footprint

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Reducing Carbon Footprint

The modern-day has seen a significant rise in environmental pollution. In the film “Reducing Our Carbon Footprint,” Dambach highlights the causes of environmental pollution and various approaches to minimizing carbon emission. In this backdrop, I can reduce my carbon footprint by embracing the use of renewable energy and encouraging individuals around me to minimize their carbon emissions to help the earth to become a better place.

The use of renewable forms of energy is the most effective approach to reducing my carbon footprint. This aspect is informed by the fact that the use of nonrenewable energy sources, such as electricity, which is largely generated through the burning of fossil fuels, and petrol in vehicles substantially increase carbon emissions (Dambach). Therefore, I purpose to use solar energy in my house and embrace electric cars. In addition, I will buy products that have been produced using renewable sources of energy.

Similarly, I can help the earth to become better by encouraging individuals around me, such as siblings, relatives, classmates, and workmates to reduce their carbon emission. The power to improve the environment lies within individuals because their actions influence the degree of carbon emission in the environment. With this understanding, I will explain to those around me the adverse effects of our collective carbon footprint and the need to minimize our carbon emissions. This approach will significantly contribute to making the earth a better place.

In conclusion, increased industrialization in the modern-day has led to a rise in carbon emissions in the environment. However, the role of reversing the heightened pollution is within the powers of individuals since their actions contribute to carbon emissions. To this end, I perceive that my plan to use renewable energy sources and encourage people to do the same will aid in improving the earth.

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