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Security concerns

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Security concerns

Secondly, the application ought to have an Application of Row-level (or multi-tenant) security.

789976676564 pointed out that under the aforementioned tool, the administrator can authorize users on rows. Rows, in this case, refer to users accessing information from a common pool, but each viewer only viewing the data that they are authorized to view. This enables safeguarding of data as unauthorized parties are barred from accessing classified information.

The third feature that should be integrated in application at the company is defining the User privilege parameters. The system administrator, in this case, assigns all the users privileges on the functions that they can handle, as well as the data that they can access.

Lastly, it is crucial that the recommended action have efficient Application activity auditing features. The features herein enable the system administrators to understand the login behaviors of the application users 789976676564. This, in turn, helps the administrators point out malicious activities and put up firewalls.



First, it is crucial to assess the mode that the third-party vendors to assess security concerns. The methods ought to be relatable with the company and be free of any faults, such as inconsistencies in debugging on troubleshooting. Also, it is crucial that the third-party vendors have security policies and procedures that are well written, and whose application also mirrors practice. The third step that the company ought to consider is the encryption of data. Third-party vendors should encrypt all the data that they handle to avoid any unauthorized access of company-specific data. Lastly, Fashion-Z should check on third-party vendors’ disaster recovery plans and shun those which either have weak or no recovery strategies.




First, the company ought to put in place System-wide encryption. This means that the whole system ought to have security layers and firewalls. For instance, data that is inputted ought to be supported in encryption forms, which differs from the encryption form when data is under storage or when it is retrieved. Also, the company ought to enact a strong Password management systems. Administrators ought to consider integrating multiple ways of logging in into the system, such as through fingerprints or voice biometrics. Lastly, the company should conduct Regular system audits. This will help pinpoint any issues and protect the company’s data from within.



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