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the effects of information technology and the internet on businesses across the globe

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 the effects of information technology and the internet on businesses across the globe

Question 1

The selected research topic is an Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences publication. The paper explores the effects of information technology and the internet on businesses across the globe. This exploration appears as the problem statement of the research paper. The statement is; “Impact of Information Technology and internet on Businesses.” (Berisha and Aferdita, 2015). The abstract of the paper continues to give the research questions towards the end. The paper seeks to describe the opportunities of information technology, the extent and impact of internet usage and how the two interconnect to improve businesses globally.

The selected paper is an excellent example in data analysis due to several reasons. The first one is substantive data mining techniques. The article gives a clear outcome of raw data from primary data analysis. It uses charts and summary tables to precisely illustrate the findings. The other reason is proper data exploration. The research uses data from across the globe, and it analyses various fronts to broaden the scope of the study. The two parameters qualify the paper as an excellent example in this case.

The relation of the research paper to the real world comes from the dynamic approach that it takes. The sources of data used in the paper are credible and reliable. The sources of data are secondary but from trusted origins. The paper also uses some specific data for a particular area which validates the realistic aspect of the paper. The research questions are meet the standard criteria according to lecture one. They all focus on a single problem and practical when it comes to answering. Generally, the paper concludes that information technology does not only improve communication among individuals but also brings new ideas into businesses. Internet is a useful resource that businesses can use to improve and become resilient to many internal and external obstacles. Indeed, information technology has changed the face of society in term of the economy through businesses.

Question 2

The selected visualization is the Codex Atlanticus. It is the collection of all the works of Leonardo Da Vinci throughout his life as an author and an artist of journals and other artistic pieces (Innocenzi, 2019). The platform is among the best because it has digitized all a tremendous number of journals and notebooks into one visual platform. The works can easily be accessed by anyone (Mrsic et al., 2019). The platform is one of the best because it is appealing and scalable. It also gives the right information to the audience.

The platform covers two dimensions of information. The data in Codex Atlanticus is useful because it gives precise details on all pieces of works by Da Vinci. Codex Atlanticus shows the original piece of paper that Da Vinci wrote, the date and all other necessary information about any piece of work. Codex Atlanticus has arranged all the collection of Leonardo Da Vinci systematically according to time and genre in one platform. It merely brings a whole library of da Vinci to a single view. This characteristic makes the Codex Atlanticus likeable and appealing. However, the platform looks congested and can be hard to understand for first time users. This feature is the least attractive things about Codex Atlanticus.

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