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The Light of Social Media’s Impact on Communication

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The Light of Social Media’s Impact on Communication

Interpersonal communication plays a core role in ensuring efficiency in an organization. There are various instances of communication in an organization, which include interaction with the stakeholders, clients and co-worker. Therefore, quick decisions in the workplace are enhanced by the choice of communication channel that the organization chooses. The recent improvement in technology has enhanced the change of how organization employers communicate with the employee as well as impacting the way work is done. Technology has eased connectivity and enabled flexibility making the global workplace mobile. (Lane, 2016) For instance, eliminating constraints such as time, place and manner through the introduction of liquid computing. The more effective an organization is in a communication system which is an essential part of the workplace the better performance reported.

Technology has substantially changed the nature and improved the functionality of business communication worldwide. Communication has become organized and prompt since information is easily shared globally. Consequently, it has helped to increase productivity as well as growing and boosting creativity. These have minimized the use of paperwork and have made the organization storage of important data more easily by the use of technology such as email, software such Xero for financial record keeping thus making the information more and easily retrieved in the future. (Lane, 2016) Technology has encouraged the use of conference calls over the internet and instant messaging which has led to productivity but rather limiting the instant of direct contact which is important in determining an individual feeling about any agenda that is addressed. Additionally, it has enhanced the removal of boundaries which leads to easy expansion of the organization.

According to Merriam-Webster, 2017, social media is an electronic means of communication used to create online communities whereby information is shared, contents, ideas as well as personal messages. Some of the social media platforms include Facebook, Whatsapp and Email which is commonly used as the easiest mean of communication in either workplace, schools and for social interaction. These websites have made it more easy and effective for people to share articles of interest, discuss issues in the society all affecting the world, for instance, the Covid 19 case as well as create a social network. Additionally, it has made it easier for people with difficulties in conversing through face –to –face communication due to nervousness by finding it a more liberating and comfortable means to interact. Finally, social media has enhanced easy interaction all over the world by connecting peoples with same interests thus increased productivity in terms of business.

Social media has also impacted interpersonal relationship thus enhancing close association among people ranging from belief to enduring. Additionally, it has encouraged regular business which as a means of promoting economic growth in the country and it is more significant through interpersonal communications (Miller, 2016). Therefore, it is important to understand individually what impact social media has on interpersonal communication individually. From the above argument, it is evident that no conclusion can be made to determine whether social media making us less social. This is evident because some social media distract them from building a real-life relationship by making them have an online relationship either through business or social life. On the contrary, social media to some is considered as a tool of strengthening real-life social ties that making them more social. Therefore social media is considered less social depending on individual satisfaction by using it.


Social media is continuously developing raising the curiosity of what will happen in the future as well as the impacts it will have to peoples in the society. This is made effective by the attempt to satisfy the demands of social media users thus calling for the need to modify the strategies and advance on new trends(Miller, 2016). For instance, the desire for more improved privacy as the user has become more aware of how data are being used through the increased penetration of the smartphone and more devices. Consequently, consumer trust is built through the implementation of a new brand which will affect social interactions. Therefore, a tighter interaction is more likely to be experienced in the future through social networks and digital communication thus shaping the society for instance, in the field of business and personal relationship. This helps in accelerating the increase in the customer service that is more efficient through social network and other channels of digital communication.

In the future social networks and digital communication will make the industries evolve more creating employment thus shaping the society positively by acting as an essential component of any business strategy (Kapoor et al., 2018). Therefore, social media affect wholly all the organization activities thus making the skills to be no longer considered as a niche but the responsibility of teamwork since it can connect a large group of people who can share different ideas. Additionally, social media will impact governance by providing a platform where people interact with the leaders and air their grievances which can be addressed easily to the benefit of the society. Social media platforms may be the banks of the future. The more advanced social media and technology is the easier the future in terms of communication thus shaping the society positively.



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