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the objectives of the establishment of the IOM

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the objectives of the establishment of the IOM

The Institute of Medicine was established in 1972. Its establishment was under Tribhuvan University. IOM trains all health workers across the country. Some of the objectives of the establishment of the IOM include: conducting research in health sciences, production of health workers across the country and beyond, and provision of health services in their established health centers.

The key competencies of the IOM included: evidence-based practice, patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, informatics, and quality improvement. To fight the Covid 19 pandemic, most of the competencies apply across the globe. Health workers have been in the front line in fighting the spread of this disease since it first set in towards the end of the year 2019. Although the epidemic has not curbed in most countries, its range has reduced a great deal. To eliminate Coronavirus, leaders around the world came up with rules and regulations that enforce on all citizens. Teamwork and collaboration are some of the vital ideas that have seen this fight succeed in most countries.

Wuhan is one of the countries that reported their first confirmed cases of Coronavirus. The disease spread across the country within a short period. Most people were isolated and quarantined to try and curb the spread. Unfortunately, most people lost their lives to this monster. Until then, leaders across the globe had to work together as a team. Collaborating with other stakeholders to fight this pandemic was essential. For instance, the transport sector stopped moving in and out of the country to prevent the spread. People were not allowed in and out of the country whatsoever. The country went into total lockdown. Shopping malls and other shopping centers were all locked down, and only the essential shops like those dealing with food or medical products were operating on guidelines. Before long, deaths and new positive cases of the virus reports reduced drastically. Within three months, the country had started to reopen most of its operations as normalcy resumed.

Evidence-based practice is one of the commonly used competences in most of the countries that reported their covid 19 at the beginning of the year, 2020. After the research, health workers knew that strict measures had to be employed. Washing hands with soap and running water regularly, use of sanitizers, observing social distance in public places, and the use of protective gear like nose masks are some of the practices against the spread of Coronavirus. All countries reporting cases of covid 19 employed this idea, and it worked. Most countries learned from countries like China, whose operations resumed to normalcy after a few months of this significant practice on total lockdown.

Quality, safety, and education for nursing is also a valuable tool that has seen the fight against the covid 19 disease succeed. Minimizing risks to both health workers and patients through individual performance and system effectiveness is key in ensuring success against Coronavirus. Health providers are with personal protective equipment to avoid infections when dealing with covid 19 patients.

When the first cases of Coronavirus were reported worldwide, health providers got educated on how the disease , how to protect themselves from getting infected while handling patients, how to prevent the disease from spreading, and how to treat infected patients medically. This is what has kept the health workers going during these difficult times.

To ensure the safety of medics, the governments across the globe provide PPE’s that they use within their scope. Without this equipment, those working in the health sector would not manage to handle or treat the covid 19 patients with care.

In my opinion, movement in and out of all countries across the globe should be banned. This ban should cut across all countries, including those that have no reported cases. This ban, to me, is the only measure that will ensure that zero new cases are reported daily. All institutions like schools, churches, and other organizations that have a large number of people should also remain closed until we get to zero reports. As the saying goes, health is wealth, and prevention is better than cure.




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