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Types of Rotary Air Compressors

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Types of Rotary Air Compressors

Rotary air compressors are used high powered machines, especially in factories. When buying a rotary compressor, you will find two types that are available in the market.

Oil-Injected Model

This is a rotary air compressor that needs lubrication for the parts to function smoothly without rigidity. Oiling the bearings and gas chamber is part of the maintenance, which has to be done as frequently as possible. You have to lubricate the compressor to keep it working and prevent mechanical breakdown.

Oil-free models

These are rotary compressors that do not require lubricant to run. The parts of these compressors are well coated to protect them from wearing off due to machine operation. The oil-free model is costly but easy to maintain.

Rotary Air Compressors Maintenance


The rotary air compressors should be checked from time to time for mechanical servicing. You can create a schedule to make it easy and part of the job. The compressors have to be inspected daily or when the need arises so that the machine does not breakdown in the middle of a process.

Here are some guiding tips that can help you sustain the rotary air compressors in good shape.

You have to schedule air filter inspection as the first task, every day, or at least weekly, before you start operating the machine. The machine’s workload will guide the frequency. The filter needs cleaning from time to and have to be replaced occasionally. Air filters wear out fast, and you have to buy a new one from in every few months.

When using oil-injected models, you should always check the oil filter and separator before you switch on the machine. This is a daily task to ensure that the compressor is well oiled.

Compressors are operated through monitors. You can only work efficiently with machine if the monitor displays data which guides on what to do and show the tank capacity, pace, or even the temperature. The reader should always give you the correct information. You have to test it and confirm this from time to time.

The compressor cannot operate if the rotor malfunctions. If the productivity is slowing down, then the rotors could be faulty. A new compressor comes with a guide book on how to inspect the rotors. The indicators show the state of the compressor, for instance, when one of the bolts is loose or too firm.

The compressor must be cleaned regularly. Mechanical checkup for the whole machine is essential, especially for industrial compressors.





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