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Unit 5 assignment 1

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Unit 5 assignment 1

A learning organization refers to a company that facilitates the learning of the members, and it is continuously transforming itself. It develops resulting from pressure facing modern organization which enables them to remain competitive in the business environment. Leaning organization involves the creation of a culture which encourages and supports employee learning and critical thinking. Characteristics of learning organization assist managers and employees I meeting new challenges to provide the tool of pursuing a creative vision and working together effectively. An example is the American railroads.

There are different ways that an organization may learn. They include reading together with an example of where forty employees set five hours a month for reading and discussing a particular book. It can be through attending training and conferences in addition to the management promoting of field trips to a different organization. Additionally, paying for education for employees helps in the facilitation of learning in an organization.

Benefits of the learning organization

Learning organization offers a competitive advantage, help in the maintenance of levels of innovation and competitiveness of the organization. Further, a learning organization improves its efficiency and improvement of the quality of output in different levels of production. As we learned in unit 5, learning organization helps in strengthening of the send of community in the firm and facilitates the improvement of long term decision making.

Disadvantages of a learning organization

In a learning organization, there is personal mastery which could be used for personal gains instead of the organization’s benefits where employees resist learning and change. There are low chances of individuals using the knowledge for their personal goals instead of organizations. Further, in such an organization, there is resistance to change and to learn a new thing in common.


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