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Writing a narrative

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D. Writing a narrative

Organization Information

Midwest writing center was established in 1979 with the aim of supporting writing conferences. Since its inception, the company has been a strong foundation of nurturing skills while dealing with both professional and non-professional writers.  The center was started to serve as a game and retreat camp for writers, readers, and reception places for book signing and workshops, among many other functionalities aimed at supporting literacy and writing as an art.


The mission of the Midwest Writing Center is to provide a conducive environment for scholars, experienced and young writers where they can identify and nurture their talents into professional levels.


The vision of the Midwest writing center is to improve literacy skills, nurture talents through proving an environment for scholars, students, non- experience and experienced writers where they can come grow their skills into professional levels.

Current programs and activities

As the organization’s mission and vision, the organization have continuously support book writing in a different genre. The majority of our programs are tailored to meet and provide a platform for writers. Some of the current programs and activities that are being held by the organization include:

National Poetry Month

We will be holding virtual poetry reading to celebrate the national poetry month.  In addition, the celebration will mark a tribute to Richard “Dick” Stahl, who has been a creative figure in nurturing art as a way of keeping heritage and culture.

Submission to MWC’s Annual Writer’s Block E-Magazine

This program is aimed at giving a branding platform to writes living in Quad- city.  The submission process for the magazine, which will be published at a later date during the year, is ongoing.

SPECTRA Reading Series

Due to the Covid19 situation, the reading series is planned to take place virtually on Facebook. This is a program that is carried annually to celebrate poetry as a genre. However, this year’s program will be special because we shall be giving our tribute to the late Richard Dick.

Book Marketing Bootcamp

The book marketing camp is a program initiated at helping writers to market and position their books in a way that can reach the target audience. The book marketing camp for this year will be held virtually via zoom due to the current situation.

Purpose of the Grant

Project and need

According to an article written by Asher (2017), reading comprehension and general literacy skills in children are affected by so many factors. Among the many factors that have been cited include self-esteem as a result of the students being intimated by their colleagues who are able to grasp the content faster. This trend has highly been witnessed among children who are slow learners.  According to an article written by Quad city times, the teachers and stakeholders have tried to push hard in improving student’s literacy through assigning the children different reading literature in order to improve their literacy skills. This was a measure that was taken after a survey showed that children in their final junior school could barely read and write. Communication is the key to success(Fisher, 2020). Scholars have quoted that communication is the only channel that human beings can use to show their intellects. Lack of fluent and comprehensible communication results in challenges such as low self-esteem and the probability of poor performances in other subjects.  This program complements that teachers’ efforts of helping the learners to improve their literacy skills through proving a competitive environment that can harness creativity, talents and bring on aboard a career path in writing and public peaking.


Asher, S.R., 2017. Topic interest and children’s reading comprehension. In Theoretical issues in reading comprehension (pp. 525-534). Routledge.

Fisher, L. (2020). Quat City Times. Retrieved 12 April 2020, from







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