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1)In your OWN words explain in detail what is digital literacy and why is it so important to today’s society?

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1)In your OWN words explain in detail what is digital literacy and why is it so important to today’s society?

Digital literacy is the individual’s capacity to find, evaluate as well as compose precise information via writing and other media on different digital platforms. Again, digital literacy is gauged by individuals typing skills, composition, grammar, ability to produce text and designs using technology. Digital literacy is very essential in society as it allows people to communicate and interact with friends and family members regularly as a result of the busy constraints of today’s world.

2)In your OWN words explain in detail the use of an IP address and its relationship to the domain name.

An Ip address refers to a numerical label that is assigned to every device connected to a computer network that employs the Internet protocol for communication. An internet protocol serves two primary roles; location addressing and network interface identification.

Relationship to the domain name

Typically, a domain name is indistinguishable to an address forwarding service. Again, the domain name is the address individuals type in their web browser to get to their website. Consequently, the domain name points to the so-called real address that contains a person’s website. Mainly, the real address is called the Interface protocol address and is a series of numbers for instance The interface protocol address then points to the location of the server that contains a person’s web site files.

3)In your OWN words explain in detail the main functions fo a spreadsheet. Define the following terms and concepts in your response:

Functions of Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are a vital business and accounting tool. They do vary in complexities and are used for various purposes, the main function being organizing and categorizing data in a logical format. Besides, once data is entered into a spreadsheet, one can use it in organizing and growing his or her business.


A cell refers to a block or rectangle housed in a worksheet. Any data that a person wants to enter into their worksheet has to be placed in a cell. Moreover, cells can display texts and results of calculations based on what one wants to accomplish.


Value refers to the representation of an entity that can be controlled by a program.


A formula refers to an expression that tells a computer which mathematical operation to complete upon a specified value.


Charting is a sheet exhibiting data in tabular form, or graphic presentation as curves of a dependent variable such as price or temperature.



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