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Patient engagement in healthcare

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Patient engagement in healthcare

Patient engagement involves patients and families taking up active roles within the health care plan and nursing system to improve the health of the specific patients while partnering with nurses as immediate professionals. For proper family and patient engagement to the treatment plan, the following strategy can work:

The first domain in the strategy is leadership and accountability. Patients, nurses as health care representatives, and their families need to come up with treatment and care plan goals. Nursing team members focus on advising the clinical components while patients and families give their perspectives until an agreement is reached on the purposes of the care plan. Teamwork and communication is the second domain of the structure. This domain involves a lot of the team involved in the care plan receiving accurate, relevant, timely, and precise communication about the health and care progress of the group. The third domain in the structure is psychological safety measures. Subjective safety measures involve patients’ confidentiality, which assures them of sharing their crucial health information with both the family and the nursing care team. The health care team should be advised to receive a patient perspective openly with minimal judgment.

On the other hand, the patients are encouraged to be transparent about clinical signs, there adherence to treatment, and any symptoms that they might have. The different domain of the structure is negotiations. Negotiations involve a transparent way to discuss the patient, the family, and the nurses’ priorities, worries, and desired outcomes at a stipulated time. Negotiations also involve transparency, where the patient and the family engage in care and making use of any treatment opportunities. Reliability forms the next part of the strategy. Authenticity involves the patient wanting to adopt a new care plan to achieve healing more efficiently. The last domain is improvement and measurement. Development and analysis include appreciating any little progress made by any team member in contributing to the betterment of the patient. The above strategy is the best when one has to establish a collaborative desired health outcome with the patients and their families.

A satisfying patient experience

Patient satisfaction is about whether a patient’s expectation of their health encounter was met. Two people might receive the same care, but their patient satisfaction rating might differ depending on the expectations they had in the first place before joining the care program. It might be complicated to come up with satisfying patient experience, but the following elements have to count. First, it is essential to assess patient expectations and try to meet the ones that are within reach. Additionally, it is essential to note the satisfying patient experience will involve the patient sharing their personal experiences and the nurse responding to each of them. A new relationship between the patient and the nurse is an indicator of patient satisfaction. In our scenario, the patient has diabetes. The patient has shown an increment in glucose levels. Perfect patient experience in the mentioned scenario would mean the patient glucose sugar levels drop to levels more than 140mg/dl but less than the current 180%. The patient’s hemoglobin levels should also be at a level of more than 7%>

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