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about creativity in Technology

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about creativity in Technology

Hello, my name is XXXX. Today I will be talking to you about creativity in Technology. Creativity is the mainstay of all innovations and new ideas emerging in the contemporary world. The impacts of technology on creativity can be positive or negative depending on an individual. According to Prateek, It can make us super creative or limit our creative abilities.

Let us have look at creativity and technology. Creativity occurs when there is a need for efficiency in a particular area or there is a purpose to create wealth. To be creative, we need to reflect on current issues. To create innovations we must inquire, visualize, critically think and question the conventional methods of doing a thing and therefore synthesize ideas to come up with improved solutions. Creativity has played a great role in the innovations incepted in the 21st century such as Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, drones, and robots among others.

The discussion section focusses on both the positive and the negative impact of technology on creativity. As we experience the benefits of technological innovations, it is expected that the uptake of these products will increase. Research shows the expenditure of Internet of things was $9.52 billion in 2019 in the Middle East and African. Therefore, creative ways of deploying this technology are expected. In Africa creative application of technology has led to more mobile money services. Besides, creativity simplifies the work. For instance use of drones in mapping to inform on mining activities or developing assistive devices for disabled persons. On the contrary, innovation has led to laziness as people expect machines to perform all tasks as well as raise of vices such as hacking, cybercrimes, and stalking. To achieve the desired output, human creativity ought to work in tandem with technological processes

I would recommend to use technology positively to advance creativity and innovations. A balance between technology and human capabilities to be incorporated and the negative impacts of technology on creativity to be addressed

We can conclude that technology has positive and negative impacts on creativity. For advancements, technology requires creativity. However, human inputs are necessary for achieving optimal results of technology

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