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hallenges and potentials technological that are accompanying the use and implementation of the 5G network

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hallenges and potentials technological that are accompanying the use and implementation of the 5G network


The fifth-generation is an improved and updated network system that will ensure the launch of a new digital period. It’s aiming at connecting various network systems hence forming an incorporated network system. 5G is meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speed and higher performance and improved efficiency. This networking and internet system is set to improve the world economy in various ways, such as making harmless transportation, refining health care and digitized logistics, etc. the demand of the world developments extends its wings to a more refined and upgraded more of the flow of information and through a secured and trusted network. Video streaming will require a strong network and internet connection for the development of various projects through video conferencing.

There are various challenges and potentials technological that are accompanying the use and implementation of the 5G network. The main hindrances for using the known technologies in the devices and machines that are portable are the sizes, the cot, and the higher rate of power consumption that is involved in the same. Examples of the devices used, amplifiers, antennas, etc. some of the challenges can be solved technologically such the problems of antennas with short beams, this can be corrected by improving the coverage and however, by engaging beamforming

(BF) or using beam steerable.

Technologies used; 1.) Beamforming techniques. This is a technology that is used to configure antenna’s beam, and can be classified into different categories, analog, digital, and hybrid. 2) Beam steering techniques; this technology is used to design the directionality of the central antennas beam. 3) Massive mimo is a technology that helps in handling the growth and huge date traffics under certain frequencies. (Selinis, 2018)

Despite all that, there are technologies designed to operate at below 6 GHz bands, and they are following.

3GPP LTE technology evolution; this was an upgraded technology that was to enable performance and flat architectures. Under this, there are several techniques, such as i) LTE channel architecture and initial access, to increase the rate and the efficiency of the data. ii) LTE link layer design; enable systematic arrangement of the figures and the removal of junk data.


Technological solutions for M2M communication.

This involves that communication through the internet that is termed as the Internet of Things (IoT) it involves human interaction, and therefore direct machine communication is what is referred to as M2M. Therefore, some enhancement and are to be done to ensure every aspect of communication and connections are safe and efficient. 1) 3GPP LTE enhancements for M2M communication involves power consumption efficiency, which is aiming at reducing the power consumption for STAs hence saving power in a defined mechanism. PHY layer, improving coverage, demands this specification in the IEEE amendment.



Despite the advantages of a 5G network, it poses some challenges technically and finally. All these, when addressed like stipulated in their agenda, the world will be a good place to work in. Environmental challenges and effects of this upgraded network should be considered and dealt with appropriately.





Ioannis Selinis, The Race to 5G Era; LTE and Wi-Fi, 2018


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