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Ahmed Business in Saudi Arabia

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Ahmed Business in Saudi Arabia

Ahmed should approach the E-Commerce Website Builders before starting the process of creating a website. The website, as Fabian (2019) states, provides features such as general information about his business, the images, and videos of his products, product consultation, and transactions. After then, he should search for the name of his business. If taken, he has to file an objection. The process of objecting is writing a complaint to the registrar of companies where he registered his company. If the registrar objects Ahmed’s store name, he has to change the name within twelve-weeks (“Objections of company names,” 2020).

Younes (2020) urges that the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Commerce and Investment approved an Electronic Commerce law in July 2019, and its regulations adopted and implemented in January 2020. There exists a code, and its purpose is to ensure confidence in electronic transactions, provide protection against fraud, misinformation, and deceitful acts to the users and initiate the development of automated commercial activities in the country.

According to “Trademarks 2020 | Laws and regulations | Saudi Arabia | ICLG,” (2020), the law that governs trademark in Saudi Arabia is the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) law trademark approved in the year 2014 and implemented in the year 2016. Things considered a brand have a distinctive shape. These include; signatures, letters, symbols, words, names, titles, colors, shapes pictures, inscriptions, drawings, a group of colors, stamps, a group of signs, sound marks, and smell marks.

The Saudi Arabian government has adopted online registration. The trademark registration is uploaded to their website and tracked by the office. The office views and examines the applications and, through an email, gives the client feedback after 14 days of registration. If the trademark does not comply with law and regulations, the applicant has ten days to amend it (“Trademarks 2020 | Laws and regulations | Saudi Arabia | ICLG,” 2020).

The law protects the trademark holder for ten years. The protection as urged in the article “Trademarks 2020 | Laws and regulations | Saudi Arabia | ICLG,” (2020), ensures lawful ownership of the trademark, prevents unlawful use of the mark by third parties, unconditional right of using the brand by the owner and recognition by trademark licensing bodies. The dispute, for instance, revocation of a trademark, is handled and settled by an administrative court. If there is an appeal, the decision made by the administrative court filed to the court of appeal. The court of appeal decision is final unless there is an issue of law, and then it is taken to the supreme administrative court.














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