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Analysis of Time Maintenance Time

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Analysis of Time Maintenance Time

Maintenance3420%High Return
Work5030%Medium Return
Education3018%High Return
Family/ Friends106%Medium Return
Goof Off Time127%Medium return
Personal Time2012%High return
Group Time127%Medium Return


Analysis of Time

Maintenance Time

20% of my weeks spent on maintenance gives me high returns on my investment in time. I spent 34 hours on average per week. This includes the time I spent sleeping, preparing myself for work, school, or even for a date out. The time I spent fixing my home, doing shopping, and washing also lies here. The area that consumes most of my time includes preparing myself for work because I spent more than two hours every day. Taking a shower, making breakfast, and doing my make-up consumes a whole lot of my time. I feel happy about the time I spent doing my make-up and dressing because it makes me feel good and presentable while facing my daily tasks. I do not want to spend a lower time in maintenance than 34 hours per week because I love it.


Working consumes 30% of my weeks. I spent an average of 50 hours every week at work. I worked for six hours a day and spent an average of an hour commuting to and from work. The reason why I find the returns from my work being a medium is because I still need to attain more from doing my job. I like my work, but I’m not fully settled at it, I even got desires for higher income and higher ranks. I am willing to increase my working hours from six to seven or higher to gain the necessary experience for learning higher returns.


From education, I gain high returns on time investment. I spent an average of 30 hours per week, which is equivalent to 18% of my total weeks. The skills I gain from school, information, and expertise to grow in my career life. Education energizes me and gives me the hope of doing better in the future. I hope to increase the time allocated for training in a week by five percent.

Family/ Friends

Interacting with friends and family takes about 10 hours a week, which is equivalent to six percent of the total time. To me, socializing with friends and family is such a critical time. Taking time to chat with friends helps in changing my day’s mood or even focusing further on my dreams. Through family, I get comfort, love, and friendship I do not deserve. I treasure these moments so much, and I hope to increase the time spent to even 12 hours per week.

Waste time time

The time I spent doing miscellaneous things totals seven percent of my time, which is equivalent to twelve hours a week. This time allows me to relieve myself of all negative energy. I love listening to music and science fiction and action films that get me thinking and striving to be better. I love the thriller and energy that characters carry around, which makes me want to do more in my daily life. I did not mention magic movies pure fiction that I love so much. I do not wish to spend any less time in this area because it is a significant source of my motivation.

Personal time

I spent 20 hours every week, an equivalent of twenty percent of the total time. I like being in good shape and staying healthy, therefore 5 hours a week; I spent them at the gym. Also, reading, watching educative movies, and listening to motivational talks. I also spent time gaining knowledge in areas I would like to grow in. I do a lot of research on real estate because I would like to venture into it sooner.

Group time

I spend around twelve hours a week, which is equal to seven percent of my total weeks. I am a member of a swimming club, a volunteer organization, and a church group that I do attend. In these groups, I have learned a lot, right from gaining social skills to networking. Increasing the time allocated for this area would be great, mainly because it’s a form of interaction, just like leisure time for me.


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