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change on communication system as a result of digital technology

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change on communication system as a result of digital technology

Digital technology has enhanced a significant change within the promotion and advertising landscape in which it has enabled marketing to make sense of data, drive scalability, and even improve efficiency. Digital technology has improved communication, which is a necessary factor in promotion, thereby increasing efficiency (Sabbah, 1985, pg. 210). Through that, business organizations through marketing departments can reach out to more clients than before, and businesses can grow, prosper, and even create relationships even with other international organizations. Additionally, digital technology has also managed to change the way various companies communicate with their clients, for instance, they have the opportunity to even engage in negotiation online and even reach an agreement without physical engagement or meeting. Various clients can also make orders online, and delivery is also done to them without physically coming to the company.

Based on the drastic change on communication system as a result of digital technology, promotional methods have become drastically revolutionized hence it has led to increase competition with various companies employing the use of modified advertisement and promotional systems and also educating their employees to be relevant with the modern system of publication to enable them to gain competitive advantage.

Digital technology has enhanced the development of an automation program, which is a critical factor in the advertisement strategy. It has enabled business organizations to operate more effectively through the advertisement process. The automation program has enabled a better method by ensuring better data on campaign performance. Additionally, it has reduced the amount of time spent on doing repetitive tasks. Furthermore, digital technology has also managed to change the landscape of promotion and advertising by keeping tabs on the data through the use of google analytics. This is one of the most effective technologies that assist advertisers in tracking how different parts of their website are performing and also to determine what searches drive traffic to specific sites. Through this, marketers can learn what kind of products are searched more frequently, and through that, they can boost their promotion around these popular products.



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