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Crypto Security

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Crypto Security


Table of Contents

Crypto Security Architecture. 3

Introduction : 3

Cryptography designed for company. 3

Algorithm of cryptographic security. 4

Types of Cryptographic security. 4

Systematic key Encryption: 4

Asymmetric key encryption: 4

Hash Encryption: 4

Features of Cryptography. 5

The weakness of encrypting graphic: 5

Impact of New Encrypt graphic security architecture. 5

Cipher Codes using in Encryption /Decryptions. 6

Issues to Implement the Cryptographic solution: 6

Secrets Codes and Ciphers. 6

Conclusion : 7

References: APA Style: 7


Crypto Security Architecture


Introduction :


It is an accessible technology that is widely used in computer systems. Crypto security is the combination of hardware and software protection keys, also called encryption keys or encryption variables. It controls the computer paths to enter the data. The cryptographic use ciphertext, which protects information from transferring into readable form. Only one person who has the key to open it or decrypt it to read the report. It protects emails, Banks’ credit cards, and the company’s data from hackers.

The cryptographic security systems work as transporting system which has done encoding and decoding of data from one place to another place. It has few other services such as hashing, random no generation, and message authentication. It uses mathematical equations or algorithms for encrypting and decrypts data.








Cryptography designed for a company


The Apex Trucking company is based in New York in the USA has been working to deliver goods from North America to Europe. The company mostly use a desktop computer with ordinary widows in client and servers. The company has hired an expert person in cybersecurity who has various issues with implementing the technology. The company has millions of clients all over the world. So the company has decided to protect its customer’s data by using the encryption method.

The company wants to increase the capacity to secure the customer’s order deals from one place to the final destination, such as tracking no, location of shipment, size of purchase, the value of delivery, customers’ completer information, and time of arrival at the destination. After designing the headquarters project, he wants to include the marketing groups in Mexico, Germany, and Canada.

Algorithm of cryptographic security


It is used in combination with methods called cryptographic algorithm or cipher.The cipher is used in all computer systems, smartphones to communicate the information in an encrypted packet. In one packet delivery, one cipher is used for encryption, a second cipher for message authentication, and third cipher of crucial exchange. The whole packet called a protocol, coded in software, and runs on operation systems.


Types of Cryptographic security


It is a technique to protect data and communication via encrypted codes. It has two parts crypt means hidden and grapy means writing. About three types of cryptography are used in the modern era.

Systematic key encryption:


The systematic use Block cipher where the algorithm generates fixed length of bits and the sender uses the encipher information and receivers takes decipher information called single essential operation.

Asymmetric key encryption:


It is also called a public key. Here algorithm generates a pair of keys for both sender and receiver to transfer private data.

Hash Encryption:


In this method of encryption, the algorithm is no used in this technique. The operating systems have been using the hash technology to encrypt the password.







Features of Cryptography


  • Confidentiality is paramount because only authorized persons access the data, and no other person can access the information.
  • The integrity of information is a powerful tool. The stored data cant be modified or edited between the sender and receiver.
  • The non-repudiation tool is used when the creator and sender don’t deny the data at any stage.
  • The authentication tool is used to recognize the sender and receiver at each stage of the destination.


The weakness of encrypting graphic


The weak encryption becomes when the algorithm has an insufficient length of bits. When the distance is short, encryption and decryption operation will fail, and the packet could be broken. So we need robust algorithms such as PGP or AES and don’t use the weak algorithm in our architecture using 56-bits keys such as WEP.


Impact of New Encrypt graphic security architecture.


For the many decades, in the past, the secure socket layer –SSL protocol was used to protect data in net browsing for encryption of information. The web site sends a public key with a certificate, then the browser checks the document, and the browser shows the public key and changes into an encrypted URL.






Cipher Codes using in Encryption /Decryptions


The cipher mostly uses various tips and techniques to break the information.











Issues to Implement the Cryptographic solution:


Cybersecurity has a substantial role in the communication of information exchange using the internet. If we want to secure our data, so we need higher accuracy, security and efficacy techniques such as DES, TDES, AES, Blowfish, IDEA, Rc6, Cast -128 are the best symmetric methods to give high protection. It was developed in world war one and II. In the battle, everybody had involved being spying the people. When the demand for secure communication had increased, the RSA cryptosystem introduced, which permits the on a person to exchange the secret keys, might be able to decipher in a few seconds.


Secrets Codes and Ciphers

The Apex trucking company has designed the secret codes that high officials of HR, Management, Marketing, and supply chain can use.It starts from A to M in one row and the letter N to Z in another row and replaces each letter in your information message by changing their position.










Conclusion :


The security on the internet has been improving day by day. The encrypts graphic technology has deployed on the internet to protect the financial transaction. The cryptography is the tool that provides the best solution to protect the customer’s information in the organization. It requires safe implementation for complex mathematical equations and protocols. The user wants to reach the secure data from one point to the destination.

This technology is groovy technology, which is then used for those people who want to use it. The crypto graphic is a safe application to use the customer’s key, identities, deducted the stolen keys, which are useful for Hackers or criminals.

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