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Customer relations

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Customer relations

Date: 16th April 2020

To: Chief Marketing Officer

From: Technology advisor

Subject: Customer relations

It has come to my attention that the customer management system in place for this company is not sufficient for the already large and still growing market base that the company now boasts. The efforts being put into storing customer data and streamlining services to fit their general preference are not as comprehensive as they should be, therefore, limiting the company in terms of customer numbers and thereby profits.

I propose the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to tackle the problems cited above. A CRM is basically a system that makes it easier to store customer and sales data for later reference and also gives a clearer picture on the performance of the company’s goods in the market. The CRM will have the main task of keeping track of customer interactions. These may include calls with prospective clients and the product preference that they may have. The system also keeps track of customer interactions with the company’s social media accounts to determine the popularity of their products. This information is stored for later use when interacting with the same customer, where data on his preference will be used to streamline the services towards him/her offering a better experience. The system avoids the pitfall of loss of customer data which is detrimental to the advertising capacity of the company. This data, initially, was stored through mere memory, much like we do in the company currently. A sales representative may receive several calls from different clients and his/her choice on whom to pick will wholly be dependent on the ability to remember the clients. If the employee leaves the company also, he/she leaves with this information.

A proper example of the success of such a system is the Activision Group. This is a gaming company responsible for a larger percentage of the games sold all over the world, with their latest installment of their third franchise of Modern warfare being the most successful at the time. The company makes use of a CRM system that manages to change the Gamers’ experience to suit their even after the game has being bought. The system tracks the social media activity relating to their products and tweaks their game to suit the preference of most gamers on these platforms. This way, they achieve customer satisfaction with much less investment compared to other conventional methods.

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