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Do you know most consumers purchase a product they have seen on social media?

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Do you know most consumers purchase a product they have seen on social media?

Do you know most consumers purchase a product they have seen on social media? And most purchase an item they have seen on a brand’s social media post? Now that cannabis has finally become one of the legal commodities in some countries, social media is one of the platforms that businesses use to gain more sales.

However, some nations and countries consider marijuana, among other dangerous illegal drugs. This has posed a challenge as most of the entrepreneurs find their social media networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and, youtube accounts shut down unexpectedly.

This is why entrepreneurs and companies who deal with cannabis have come up with specific social networks where they can advertise and connect freely with consumers.

When looking for a cannabis business social network with social media networks; then, you should be able to choose from these top cannabis social networks:


The weedlife network is a group of websites, apps and software programs designed specifically to advance the growth of the cannabis industry. It’s a social network where people can share various videos, information, business proposals, products, growing advice, and other issues related to marijuana.


Weed Circle is a combination of Linkedin and Google plus that deals with cannabis. It is a branch of weedlife; you may find the two networks alike in away. You can attach with customers, colleagues, and vendors who are all in the cannabis industry. You can sign up freely and get connections with all as you can find the best and latest products and land some great deals.


This website is a Cannabis social network and directory that is newer compared to others. It works the same as Linkedin, whereby professionals make connections with sellers, growers, manufacturers, and cannabis entrepreneurs. The network is continuously growing. Once you have signed up, you are set for networking via videos, news feeds, and directory listings. It is continuously growing.


Leafwire is a networking platform that connects investors to cannabis companies.If you are planning on starting a cannabis business, or you already work with one, then you probably need to register for an account with Leaf wire. There are many investors who want to learn more about cannabis Investing and lack of information. This is why new companies are formed daily through leaf wire.


cannaSOS is a business social networking with a unique feature that makes it outstanding from the rest. It has an extensive database of product reviews for various marijuana brands and products and detailed information on many cannabis strains.

It is one of the growing cannabis social networks with an increasing number of registered users and over 400,000 visitors per month.

Is a social media where you cannabis entrepreneurs can promote their products, connect to customers and interact directly with them.


Duby is an app that connects cannabis themed; communities on the web. It is a connection between twitter, Instagram, and Tinder thrown.

Once you sign up on Duby, you can enjoy all top stories and videos where you may end up liking or disliking some.

Though Duby is not a business social network, so many opportunities for cannabis traders come up where they advertise their products.

Grasscity Forum

Grasscity is one of the oldest social networking forums committed to cannabis. It began as marijuana grower forum and expanded to forums for smoking and other consumption methods.

You can join the forums and engage in discussions related to marijuana. Businesses can also join the forums and promote their products, strains, and deals.

In Conclusion

Marketing is a vital tool for any business. The challenges surrounding the cannabis business does not allow it to enjoy the power of social media. Due to that, creative ways had to be organized, and the best methods are the ones listed above. These allow the cannabis business to be competitive.












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