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Features and Effects of Quality Early Child Care and Education

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Features and Effects of Quality Early Child Care and Education


Part 1

One of the features for a quality early childhood education is interpersonal interactions. The interpersonal interactions consist of the learning environment that is created by the teacher. It is essential for a quality early childhood program as the encounters present in the earliest years of a child greatly shapes their development. The physical environment where children play both inside, and outdoors also promotes their exploration based on different stages of children’s development. A program support structure is also necessary for quality early childhood education where there is leadership and control of the activities taking place in the classrooms. Last but not least, there must be an effective teacher who will ensure that the resources are adequately utilized for quality education.

Part 2

Family collaboration in early childhood education should consist of the feedback given on the progress of their children as well as discussing how they can have sustainable learning activities back at home. Thus, there is daily communication between the teachers and the family. As a result, trust is built, characterized by positive relationships between teachers and parents. Eventually, there is better coordination on the responses about a child’s developmental delays or behavioral challenges before the problems worsen to affect the learning process (Kurtulmus, 2016).

Part 3

The Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Council is a governmental agency that is responsible for supporting all ECCD programs such as health, nutrition, early education as well as the social services mainly for children aged 0 to 4 years. I can support the program by giving educational resources such as books with information on cultural diversity in our society.




















Kurtulmus, Z. (2016). Analyzing Parental Involvement Dimensions in Early Childhood Education. Educational Research and Reviews11(12), 1149-1153.



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