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Foot Printing

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Foot Printing

  1. Footprinting refers to the method of gathering information about a network entity or a computer system. It is generally of two types – active footprinting and passive footprinting. It is a collective process that deals with gathering information about the methods, the range of the network, the machines active over the same network, identifying the exploitable access points, network mapping, and many more. In the process, the essential information relevant to the specific system under concern is obtained.

Tracking a stolen model car can be easy if the authorities are aware of the digital footprints of the vehicle. In case the details are unavailable, the GPS tracker can be used to identify the location of the car. If the car has an open port, then it can be even easier to determine its footprint. The footprint can be used by the investigating authorities to know about the whereabouts of the car.

  1. The act of collecting digital information about an entity through its computer systems, network connections, and open access ports is defined as digital footprinting. It can be used for a wide range of activities, from casting a hacking attack over a network to finding out stolen items having digital systems installed in them.

In the current scenario, the latest model car last seen in the parking lot has been stolen. It is safe to assume that the model car will have an active wireless connectivity system. If the wireless tracking system can be accessed, it can be possible to determine the location of the car. In addition, if the control over the access points of the car is obtained, mapping it out can be much easier. Once it is fingerprinted, the police authorities can be informed about the information gathered through its footprint. It can then be easily recovered without much effort.

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