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how social media effects body image

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how social media effects body image

Requirements: ● 5-6 pages (not including works cited) ● MLA Format ● 12 pt Times New Roman ● At least 5 academic/reputable sources (3 must be from the library databases) ● In-text citations & works cited page (without these the paper will receive a zero) For this essay you will continue exploring the research you’ve completed so far this semester focusing on a particular social, political, or community issue that is both local and global in scope. You will write a 5-6 page essay arguing first that there is an ongoing issue, and that the issue has both local and global implications. The idea is to bring attention to an underrepresented problem faced by a specific group or region. In this essay you will include a general desсrіption of the issue, a discussion of those affected (and how they’re affected), a personal account of someone affected (either from a personal interview or outside research), and potential solutions or opportunities for assistance. Because this essay will involve a topic that you are personally invested in you will be able to provide a unique perspective; however, you will also need to remain relatively neutral in your role as writer. Remember, all claims must be supported with credible evidence.

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