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Learning resources refer to such materials

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Learning resources refer to such materials

Learning resources refer to such materials, such as textbooks, videos, and even software used by teachers to help the learners meet the learning objectives defined in the lesson plan in the curriculum. A learning resource used for aiding a learning process needs to be evaluated and examined to understand its appropriateness and its authenticity in helping them learners in achieving the goals. In this learning process, there are lots of resources used. Some have been discussed in the material section, while others have not. The first valuable resource used in this learning process is the virtual interactive whiteboard. This resource has been used to act as a demonstration board where the teacher is capable of showing the students practically how they can achieve the understanding and the mastery of specific terms about Christmas. The teacher also uses the resources to make sure that the students can quickly master when they see their teacher do. Therefore, this whiteboard presented to the learners virtually through the skype aids is very vital a resource for achieving the outcome of the lesson plan and the lesson in general. There is also another resource in the video shown to the students.

The teacher shows a video to the learners, which entails the song sung by one of the most prominent singers in the Christmas and festive season niche. The song helps the students to master certain skills and vocabulary as well as phrases that are vital for the realization of the outcome of the lesson and the learning process alike. Another resource that is used here is the textbook, where the students are to read comprehension and aswer questions based on their inference of the content of the book. In this case, the book is used with the instruction of them teacher to makes sjure that the styudents are able to read in English and even make their own inference concerning the meaning of ceratin English words. This also meets the objecvyive of the lesson that stares that the students should be able to master vocabulary and skils in line with thechristjmas notion. Therefore, the resources hereb are used solely to provide a sources of case studies and or learning experiences for the learners to see. It gives the lesson a practical feel hence bringing it in line to practicality andwhat the students can easily relate with in their daily lives.

Communication elements

Communication is part and parcel of every learning process. there is no learning without communication. That is, communicatuion is the act of giving and reciving information from an individail or a grpoup of indfivodual, this is learning in other words. Learning entaikls theact of informing or instructing an indicidual orv a group of individauls and waitijng for the feedback. Therfeoore ciomunication and learning go hand in hand. In that conmtext, this lesson plan and lesson in general uses various comunicatuion elements such as sender who is in this case then teacher, the receiver who is the student, the medium within which the information is passed and themfedback that comes from the student. In terms of the feeback, theteacher may be the receiver while thestudented becoming the ender. There are lots of materails or modes of communication used for this lesson and with bvaried treasons. First, this lesson uses sender as the teacher and testudent and the receiver as the student and the teacher based on the varius stages of the lesson. This is because, the lresson reqyiores the strudents to receive the infirmatin from the teacvher and the teacher is also needed tpo erxeive the examination or evakluation respkinses from the students. Therfere, there is an interchanbgfeble communication interms of then receiver and the sebnder to ensure that the objvetive of the lesson or the learnbing process is achieved. Since this is an oline lesson and not a physcail learnig prcvoess, this lesson uses the internet and its modes such as email address, the skype and even virtual videos as the major ciomunicatiuon modes or medium. Tese atre used since they are cinveneient and easily reachable even in remote araes. There is also the used of group convertsaiion online emodes as uch slack to ensure that theteachingb takes place the same way it happene sinn a real life classroom situation. The fact that the internet plantformmare used in this lesso makes thelearning process smootynand more or less similar to that of the real calsssroom exeporeince. Communication is tehrfeire given thnemfirst priority in this leson since it acts as a way by whicgh the students can exeporss their varying needs and feeling as well as attitudes towards the lesson and the teacvher in particular. It is also through communication modesv and media used here that the teacher cabn knwomwhether or not he is in the right trachk towards the acghievementr of the lesson and cyuriculaum goals. another element of communication used in thelesson here is the message. the meassge passed in this lesson is the learnijg instructiuions from the teachers includijng theviisual videom that contain the information comncerning the chrisms song. There are also measgaes given to thneteacher by the students infiorm of homework answers and even the answers to the qyuick quizes given by the students in the learning process as shown in lessons one and two respecetuvelly. The communicatiuon hence enhances a proper evaluation process in the lesson process.

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