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pursuing a program in Applied Maintenance Science

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pursuing a program in Applied Maintenance Science


I am pursuing a program in Applied Maintenance Science at Embry-Riddle. When I am not in a class, I like watching movies, visiting different airports, and visiting various children’s homes and I enjoy pleasant moments with them. I also enjoy playing with my dog pet.


I have a talent for singing, and when my friends and I are not so busy, I sing for them and teach them new songs, and they enjoy it. I also sing to my siblings at home when I’m not in school.

For me, writing is like a pizza, because as far as food is concerned, my favorite food is pizza and enjoy it as I enjoy writing, unusually short stories, and news.

I dedicate myself to offering help to professionals and students who might be experiencing difficulties when trying to write, maybe their essays, formal letters, or other kinds of writing. On top of this, I go to the extent of offering tutorials for those students who start enjoy the book as I do. I provide efficient exercises and lessons which assist students in developing their writing skills and also discover the talents of writing that have been hidden.


The reason why I enjoy writing is that writing helps in expressing our goals, feelings, and ideas. One can communicate very clearly, helps in the elimination of stress, one can learn more, one can get the awareness of reality, making the correct decisions, and the most important of them all is that one feels happier. The moments I’m writing, I feel so good and, at the same time, enjoy what I write.


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