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Marketing has changed over the years

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Marketing has changed over the years

Marketing has changed over the years. Customer communication has been an essential sector of any business. Other than the exchange of cash, producers need to hear from their customers. Focus is now turned to the customer rather than the producer. Organizations are now more interested in marketspace, rather than the marketplace. The new buzz words to date include the bootstrap method, the conversation-starter method, technology-facilitated methods, and visionary methods. The internet has also played an important role in promoting marketing communication. It has brought about a platform of more interaction, evolving from more information. The marketing schemes have also changed more, developing more of a customer-customer dialog. Such dialogs have become knowledgeable, and it is now up to producers to prove themselves. Various companies have greatly adopted the virtual world. The ability of a company to perform well in the virtual world has well contributed to the success.


Chapter 9

A brand of a business is way beyond the logo, writing, or picture that meets the eye. With the shift of focus from the producer to the consumer, a business brand is vital for business success. A brand is perceived differently by different consumers or even region. The functional roles of the brand have been attributed to the customer. Every brand, once seen by a customer, creates a kind of image to a customer on what to expect from the company itself. The influence on the quality of a brand is from the consumers. Many customers, before deciding to acquire anything, have to try to get information about the brand, especially from the large customer base in the marketspace created in virtual reality. It is in this they get to know whether or not to give it a try.


Chapter 10

Competition has been there for years. However, it is getting stiffer with the high rate of innovation and development of technology. Every business in such stiff competition is at the risk of being forced out of business. Businesses have to come up with strategies to have a competitive advantage over their rivals. These strategies need to be changed at times, depending on what is happening with the market, the consumers as well as your competitors. However, at times, it requires a combined effort to gain a competitive advantage. This can be done when two competitors come together to concur with the market as one. This can help to outdo other competitors in the sector.




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