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Out of the four prompts, I will respond to number three

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Out of the four prompts, I will respond to number three.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit all industries with a lot of brute force. This force has hit all sectors ranging from business and social sectors to the education sector. The social area has been hit from two dimensions; from a money point of view and from a restriction of a social gathering point of view. This is in line with the call or people to observe social distancing as a way of curbing the spread of the disease (Anderson et al., .2020).

In light of this, I am taking stock of the situation and how to go about a wedding event planned for mid-May this year. The expectations of the event have been changing every moment and, at some point, feel like it is almost becoming impossible. As the event manager, I have had to keep on changing posts to help see the success of the vent while at the same time, remain safe. One, the planned physical meetings are no longer viable. The thought of canceling a wedding is excruciating and never an option. Several social events have been canceled, while others have had an indefinite cancellation.

To circumvent the idea of calling off the wedding, we have conducted our meetings virtually via Skype and at times using zoom. This has not been without challenges because the timing of meetings alone poses a challenge. The internet requirement further complicates our meetings, especially when committee members have had to deal with low connectivity. Inorder To cut down the costs associated with traveling to attend meetings, the frequency of meetings has been reduced from four a week to a meeting every fortnight. While the cost of conducting meetings has an overall effect on the final budget, it has been one of our greatest scores in managing that aspect as well as time. However, a physical meeting was very necessary to iron out grey areas, but this appears not to happen due to the need to keep social distance by avoiding social gatherings.

On our cards as well is calling off the wedding until the situation normalizes. This is in line with managing the risk of incurring losses in terms of costs by putting on the wedding plans while the call for social distancing is on(Alhawari et al., .2012). Once all plans are complete by the end of next week, we shall evaluate the risk of going ahead with the project on the basis of costs and either move the event to a later date or adjust the whole plan to have the event attended by the must-attend guests.















Alhawari, S., Karadsheh, L., Talet, A. N., & Mansour, E. (2012). Knowledge-based risk management framework for information technology project. International Journal of Information Management, 32(1), 50-65.

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