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What is the key point of Rich’s essay?

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What is the key point of Rich’s essay?

  1. What is the key point of Rich’s essay? Why is she imploring women/girls to ‘claim their education?

Rich attested that students should take accountability when it arises down to edification. Rich vindicates that rather than going into institutes with the mentality of “receiving” an improvement, “claiming” an education is further advantageous for an adequate education. Besides, the author requested that the work of teachers, mainly male, similarly have an impact on the enlightenment of students.  Teachers stand not systematically appealing with the undergraduates as teachers ought to. Male teachers treat feminine students as voluptuous objects rather than as the educational latent that determines from a feminine. Besides, Rich clarified in what way ladies are missing from the scholarly world. Most records that are imparted in school are coordinated to men, or composed then distributed by menfolk. Rich as well indicates that, indeed, at a female’s institution, the organization is driven by guys. The poet demonstrates that not solitary are ladies enduring from eradication, but factions are as well, signifying that bigotry and sexism are co-joined. Rich concludes by rehashing that the unwritten contract between understudies and teachers is underlying in scholastics, Rich’s most critical claim is that the key to an adequate education is the student taking responsibility and battling to claim a genuine culture.

In contrast, the teacher contributes to the student’s education and accepts what the student intellect can. The reason of Adrienne Rich’s discourse was to make it known that ladies in academics are not taken genuinely. Rich targets the audience by giving clear, specific illustrations and points of interest that all clarify how ladies erased from academia.

  1. What are Audre Lorde’s critical points in this essay, and why do you think she wrote the essay?

Poetry Is Not A Luxury by Lord, Audre is a beautiful essay and speech that describes the quality of lives human beings scrutinize themselves in; it shows the behavior of people and their hopes. Audre Lorde explains that it is within people’s concern and scrutiny that forms the magic of making it realized. Poetry is felt, it gives names to the formless and nameless, it springs births believed as dream births perception, as feeling births awareness, as knowledge labors (precedes) empathy.

The author elaborates that everyone has a dark world within themselves. The fascinating aspect of our hidden true spirit is that in the weakest part of ourselves that we rise to be the strongest. Our dark places have survived and grown strong, giving birth to power and creativity.

We fail since we depend on our thoughts to make us able, but freedom comes from experience and interaction with the situation we face. We acquire more to treasure our spirits and esteem those secreted bases of control from where facts and, consequently, the lasting act comes.

Poetry is a vital necessity to our reality. It is poetry that helps us fashion and respect our feelings; it assists us to transpose them into a persuasive so they can be shared.

Poetry lays a foundation for a revolution in our forthcoming. It is a conduit across our uncertainties of what has on no occasion been seen or felt before.

The author explains that prospect is neither instant nor forever. It is not laidback to endure trust in its value. Poetry lives within us. It is the foundation of our lives. What we think is what we are, freedom is derived from what we feel. “Our children cannot dream unless they live, they cannot live unless they are nourished, and who else will feed them the real food without which their dreams will be no different from ours? “If you want us to change the world someday, we at least have to live long enough to grow up!” shouts the child.

It is essential to understand that feeling was predestined to kneel to thought as women were predestined to kneel before manhood. But females have endured. As poets and there are no innovative pains, it is our thoughts that point the mode to freedom.

Why does Morrison make the identity markers of the main characters indeterminate? Why does it always seem so important to us in stories to know race and class of characters? Why do these “identity markers” seem so important in literature? In life? Can we read a story just as a human story?

  • Morrison decisively does not openly mention the races of Roberta or Twyla. She only remarks them in the book as “salt and pepper,” and on no occasion elucidates whether Roberta and Twyla are black or white. Any accounts of the characters, such as “Her hair was so wild and big I may well hardly grasp her face
  • The race is a notion that endures to suggestively impact the way that culture is organized and the technique that entities act and think about to one another.
  • All of theresearchers must be given equal identity related to the importance. The author records that “fixity, as the emblem of historical/racial/cultural variance,” is a Morrison’s story that invites a survey of the crossing identity markers.
  • Stories are identifiable forms, and in those forms, we find sense. We use stories to make logic of our flora and fauna and to stake that empathy with each other.
  1. What did you like about the story? What did you dislike? Be specific
  • It shows a poet could inscribe a party-political statement and participate in the student at the same time to gross a look at their peculiar racial preconceptions on the issue. Her trial to remove racial individuality from the fonts of the story and to eliminate gender prejudice was an enormous task.
  • I disliked that the author faced a lot of discrimination and racial division rampant during her time


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