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Political Party Campaigns

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Political Party Campaigns




Political Party Campaigns

The new digital campaigns have allowed the presidential campaign teams to be able to reach the voters. The Obama campaign team use the new voter information to group their voters into groups of people with related interests. The digital data has enabled the voters to be clustered and identified this makes the campaigners know who on their side, who needs more persuasion etc. The computer program is used to send the voters videos that bear the content this voter is interested in. The new computer programs enable the campaigning teams to acquire voter data.

Voter profile

  1. Name: Kyle Walker
  2. Registered to vote on:1990
  3. Party: Democrats
  4. Race: Black
  5. Gender: Male
  6. Address:45, Ohio
  7. Interests: Pets, sports, cars

The campaign messages for Kyle walker may be related to what the president wants to do for pet ownership may also contain the goals the president has in store for the sports lovers in the country. He may promise to improve the stadiums, reduce tickets prices for matches. The campaign may also target Kyle walker to inform him of the policies that will be implemented, which will have a positive impact on car lovers like the reduction of gas prices.

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