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Social media is very influential in contemporary society in both positive and negative ways

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Social media is very influential in contemporary society in both positive and negative ways

Social media is very influential in contemporary society in both positive and negative ways. It offers people different ways of staying in touch with people that are living war. It offers people an opportunity of sharing fun, interesting as well as informative content. Further, it offers different business ways of engaging their customers. The impact of social media on society is undeniable. It is entirely revolutionized and has changed how people view themselves today and interact with other people.

One of the main advantages of social media to society is that it offers connectivity. People from different areas of the world can connect at their convenience regardless of their current location and timelines. The connectivity helps people in sharing and learning more information from other people. Additionally, social media is used for education, where it benefits both the teachers and children. It offers a platform of learning from experts and follows those that they can learn from, which helps in enhancing their knowledge in different fields. One gets a platform of learning and gaining information even without paying for it. So one can share various issues and problems which increase their chances of getting help and giddiness. It could be through support of money or in terms of advice from the online community.

Additionally, social media is used for gaining information and updates on what is happening in the world currently.  Most of the time, research indicates that television and print media are sometimes biased and do not tell the truth; hence through social media, one can validate and know what information and updates are true or not. For entrepreneurs, they get a platform for promoting their business to a broader audience. It makes the business world to be a small village in which they can promote their business. It makes business to be more profitable and less expensive. It is because most of the expenses that a business incurs are only through promotion and advertisement. All these can be reduced by connecting with people on social media, which makes it cheaper. Still, social media can be used for a noble cause in society. An example is where social media can be used in the promotion of a certain NGO and other social welfare activities like donating to poor people. It makes it easier to bring together well-wishers and people that are willing to help the needy in society.

Further social media helps in the creation of awareness and innovation in the way different people live. Through social media, people get an opportunity of discovering various new and innovative stiffs from their friends online, which helps in enhancing their personal lives. An example is for farmers and teachers who benefit from social media, which helps them in gaining awareness of any new technique in town. Moreover, social media helps the government and different agencies in fighting crimes. It offers an easy way for the government to spy and catch criminals, which helps in reducing crime rates in society. The same way that social media can ruin a business, it can, on the other hand, make a business increase its sales and reputation. When a client leaves a positive comment, and business owners share more about a company, then it helps them in making more sales and goodwill. Since social media offers freedom of speech, then it can create a significant impact on the case where good words are used and shared concerning a business. According to research, social media helps in the building of communities. Since people have different religions, beliefs, and activities, social media comes in helping to build and participate in the community with shared practices still people from different communities get a platform of sharing their different ideas as well as sharing different stuffs. An example is where game lovers can join games with other game lovers and car lovers associate with communities that relate to cars, and so on.

However, although there are more advantages of social media to society, it also has negative effects on society. Social media, according to a report published by Pew Center, show that it leads to cyberbullying where children have been the victim of cyberbullying. Since social media offers people the freedom to create a fake account and doing anything without being traced, then it makes it easy for people to bully others on the internet. Additionally. Social media leads to privacy and personal data hacking and sharing on the internet. This leads to financial loss and personal life losses. It can also lead to an addition where people get intensively in and eventually get cut off from society. It leads to compromising of personal space since different security agencies can access private accounts. Social media leads to the ruining of someone’s reputation through the creation of a false story.

In conclusion, social media positively impact society through the creation of connectivity where people can share and learn different information. It offers a platform for learning from professionals and experts. Additionally, one through social media can get help and information, keeping them updated and gives business people an opportunity of promoting their businesses. On the other hand, social media hurt social media such as cyberbullying, frauds, and scams, as well as the running of someone’s reputation.

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