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Teaching using arts

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Teaching using arts

Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence views the traditional perspective of intelligence as being too limited. The theory considers the traditional view to limit and simplify human intelligence by categorizing them rather than holding intelligence as a singular thing. In essence, the theory looks to teach and educate learners through the use of different ways. Learning using a unique trajectory within schools can fail to exemplify the full potential of a learner. Most schooling platforms take up a singular approach in decimating knowledge to students. The above negates the ability of any learner to perform at full capabilities. In the classrooms, for instance, the lessons can be presented through music, art, field trips, self-reflections, and many other forms (Gardner, 2011). Teaching using art allows an expanded approach in a classroom.

The norm of various educational institutions is to conform to teachings using linguistics and logic. Therefore this reduces the full capabilities that the students possess; art offers a diverse approach to learning. In essence, art is more of human creation. Therefore over the years, they have developed to conform to various elements of art and prevail in them. Education should thus seek to use art as a tool for learning. The use of music and art activities will ease learning for both the teacher and the student. Through art, a student can maximize their potential and be able to pick out a specific area of focus which they prove reliable. Whether a linguistic or logically related or kinesthetic field, it will bode well with the learner. It encourages them to pursue what they love, and this maximizes potentials.

Multiple intelligence seeks to do away with the traditional singular view of intelligence and allow the maximization of human intelligence. Education ought to incorporate art as a means of decimating the learning context. This is because it offers a broader approach to learning and thus tapping into the full potential of a learner.


















Gardner, H. (2011). Frames of mind: The theory of multiple intelligences. Hachette Uk





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